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Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing Page 1 Connect

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For more details on how Page 1 Connect can help local businesses become more VISIBLE online and attract a tonne of targeted prospects click on the picture above

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get To page 1 on Google

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5 easy tips to get to Page 1 on Google

Keyword Research

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This is a pretty concise Video on how to maximise this Free tool

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leveraging Social Media For Business

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Internet was seen as a non-commercial platform –really!
As the likes of Facebook and Twitter have become ubiquitous – so has the gradual shift towards monetization.

Social and business interactions have never been mutually exclusive. People love to buy stuff and perhaps even more so they love to broadcast and ‘show off’ their Bling and eye for fashion taste! Where better to conduct this exercise than online?
Many businesses are taking the concept of late adoption to ridiculous extremes.
How many times have you heard (admittedly by middle aged folks!) the banal comment “I just don’t get Twitter/Facebook/Blogging…etc?
Seriously if you don’t get it – then be prepared to get left behind. Never in the history of commerce has word of mouth been so powerful. WOM does not happen by accident.
Embrace the greatest FREE communication medium in history and be astounded.
Your business and personal brand will ultimately  be a factor of ENGAGEMENT – VALUABLE CONTENT and AUTHENTICITY

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Oh and btw in the spirit of this subject of engagement perhaps connect by clicking one of the icons on the side

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Market on Facebook!

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I was going to do a comprehensive Blog on the phenomenon that is Facebook advertising but I felt that it would be too hard to keep it as short and concise as I usually strive for.
So here’s a brief introduction and I’d invite you to click through below to find out more. 
The training video is absolutely FREE 50 minutes of pure value – so after the preview pop your details in the box for instant access.
Unless you’ve done a Rip Van Winkle and slept through the last 6 years you’ll be familiar with Facebook.
What many are unaware of however is the power of this Website to generate an awesome amount of highly targeted traffic to virtually any marketing campaign.
Already Facebook is threatening to surpass Google as a search engine and consequently the opportunity to take advantage of its marketing power is just becoming apparent.
Some facts:
January 2006 Facebook had 1 Million members – the size of a medium sized city.
January 2008  70 million members – more than the population of the UK!
January 2010  400 million members The size of a continent!
July 2010       500 million members
The speed of growth has meant that it is still relatively untapped and early  marketing adopters can absolutely capitalise and profit from learning and applying the skills required to market on this platform
Click on the Pic below

How To Close Every Sale!

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The psychology of selling is really the psychology of influence. And influence is simply a factor of communication.

There’s something peculiar about the title of this blog. Have you spotted it yet? If not all will be revealed in a few moments!

OK let’s cut to the chase. You have a product or service that you wish to sell – yes SELL – use the appropriate language. There’s a tendency to shy away from using the SELL word and rather more coyly labeling what we do as MARKETING.

Marketing is a process. Sending out a million Tweets to your random Twitter list may well come under the banner of marketing BUT it is infinitely more useful to actually make a SALE. A transaction where money changes hands- this is the action you need to be focusing on.

Targeted audience
Controlled environment
R + D + S = CLOSE
Don’t waste time broadcasting to the masses in the hope of catching the odd fish. If you sell Garden Gnomes – look for a database that comprises this demographic. Where do these folk hang out? What publications do they read? What forums do they congregate in? 

(This Blog is not about marketing – so we’ll cut to the next stage – presenting and SELLING)
Confidence is often confused with arrogance. Don’t be timid. Arrogance comes from self-centred over compensation for a feeling of inferiority. 
Confidence is a sense of self-assuredness. People respond/BUY from this type of energy. Think of dating. Self-confidence conveys a more attractive turn on than a furtive and nervous demeanour.

Your posture needs to be open with a faint air that your time is precious.
The best way to create rapport is to actually become FACINATED in another person. Not just interested. Try it – I promise it will completely change your interactions with others.
Why? Because few people other than therapists (!) make this level of effort – and guess what? You will be remembered as being thoroughly interesting. Aside: it’s a lot easier to BE fascinated than to fake it!
If you have something worth talking about/SELLING – then you need to have the posture to dictate the conditions of the presentation. If you believe that you’ll need 40 minutes in order to do a presentation tell them. Ensure that all decision makers are involved and take control of all distractions. TV turned off, kids out of the way etc

Relax – Disturb – Solution –CLOSE – 
this is elaborated on in the short videos below
It can’t be that simple can it? Yes and No! I’m not purposely trying to mess with your mind but…it can take a fair bit of the 5 x P’s to pull it off. 
Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!
Become a master of influencing others/SELLING and you will never be unemployed or short of a dollar!
Back to the title of the blog?
Were you intrigued by the title? Did you dismissively become defensive? How To Close EVERY Sale – what nonsense……
Hint: All Sales are closed. It’s presentations that need closing. So there you have it - a few simple tips that will completely turn around your conversion ratios.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Power of Certainty – the amazing key to influencing behaviour

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This is not a motivational video but rather offers an insight into one of the key distinctions that seperate successful performance from failure. It revolves around the issue of 'certainty'
One of  the most powerful observations Tony Robbins makes is the following: 

"When two people meet and if there's rapport, the person with the most certainty will always influence the other person"
Fully embracing this concept will change your life…seriously!