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Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Do You Build A Large Opt In List-and Why? Free E-Book

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The biggest challenge I faced when venturing into the scary world of Online marketing was trying to locate my niche target market with which to share my resources. The potential market was immeasurable, but I didn't know how to actually connect.

List building was just a concept, and nothing actually happened for me online until i paused to analyze the power of this absolutely essential strategy.

I have sourced an excellent FREE E-Book that I've found invaluable and I believe you will too.

Leave your details to receive your zero cost/obligation download.

Cheers Kiaran

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seasons Greetings and Awesome New Year!

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Thank you for visiting my Blog during what for some was a fantastic 2009. My hope is that you and your family have a great 2010 and your aspirations find fulfillment.

Some of you may have had the best year of your life and some alas the worst-that's the swings and roundabouts of this merry go round we call life. I welcome you to re-visit next year as we build our community of like minded individuals for common, Inspiration and Motivation with my goal to make it an AWESOME-2010

As always I welcome your connection-Cheers Kiaran-here in currently very summery Perth-not a snowflake in sight!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Benefit Of Professional Lead Capture Pages

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One of the most basic and time consuming mistakes I made when I first started dabbling in the world of Online Business was investing untold hours and dollars trying to design even the most basic of websites.

Html codes urghhh! Auto responders with neat opt in boxes with regular follow up emails, seemed like a great idea but the end product was that nothing I conjured up looked even faintly compelling.

That's the biggest challenge you face when you take your first tentative steps on your online marketing journey-you just don't seem credible! Someone finds their way to your website, spends a few seconds there before wandering off and hooking up with someone doing the same thing as you. but with a little more panache.

Discovery of the power of lead capture pages, aka squeeze pages was an eye opener. Sure, it's great to have your own personally branded page, but if it's going to take you 2 years to figure out how to do it, then it seems a bit pointless.

A lead capture page is generally a professional web page with some tailoring and customized with your personal details. They are usually crisp, professional, often with audio and video embedding and a simple opt in box to collect your leads, and in many cases actually facilitate the following up by the company Personal Business Assistants (PBA). You just set and forget. Well, not quite, but if you can guide traffic to the capture page, you can virtually sit back and let the process take over.

I have included a couple of simple lead capture pages from my primary business for you to check out. All I did was copy and paste the link and bingo!

If you have a Twitter account or Facebook, Myspace etc-you can simply use your lead capture page as a link on your profile page. I find it interesting that some people in my social networks have no clickable Website, Blog or Lead Capture pages for me to check out what they do.

Whilst lead capture pages are not interactive like Blogs and don't really get picked up by search engines-their main purpose is to sift through the tyre kickers and help identify who's actually interested in your project, without you having to run around soliciting (annoying) your family and friends into your latest hair brained idea LOL! let's face it you've probably got little business credibility within this audience anyway.

if you are still looking for an online business opportunity then I'd welcome you to hook up via the opt in or direct contact me on Twitter or Facebook-My philosophy is that I build connections that I can work with personally rather than trying to build massive annonymous lists and then dumping a different opportunity into the email box every couple of days.

Hope life's treating you well-Cheers Kiaran

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Primo Vacations-What's The Story?

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I really shouldn't be letting the cat out of the bag yet as this Program has barely launched but if you're even remotely interested in Travel and more specifically funding international adventure-then you need to check this out.

You'll notice that this Blog is primarily about sharing content to assist fellow online marketers, newbies and oldies alike to become better informed-and it is rare that I blatantly pitch a specific opportunity. However Primo Vacations is an exception. I've done extensive research online to find the best mix of tangible value and business opportunity that I'd be equally comfortable sharing with my sister, mother or best friend AND using myself. If truth be told there aren't that many online ventures that would actually meet that standard.

Check out the link below-for more information you can request a call back. This is a game changer in the online business opportunity world, simply because the inherent value just for the massive travel and vacation discounts you get for your personal use, and the fact that the income possibilities are immense. It's a cliche, but it really does virtually sell itself.

Enough already-if this is not your cup of tea I welcome you to continue visiting for regular updates on the subject of online marketing and inspiration.

The First link is  an explanation of the savings and membership benefits, the second is the link to the lucrative referral program

Cheers Kiaran
Mile High Living

Friday, December 4, 2009

Business Networking in Five Minutes or Less

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Business Networking in Five Minutes or Less 
Click Link To Video Above

This is a pretty interesting Video Interview of Dr Ivan Misner where he talks about V C P-in connection with cultivating relationships that encourage referral reciprocity. (Sorry that's a bit of a convoluted sentence, but you know what I mean!)

  • Visibility
  • Credibility
  • Profitability

This Video was posted by David Riklan the founder of Self I like as a resource for positive content rich inspiration. You can connect via the link below if you like

Cheers Kiaran

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Url Shorteners

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More and more communication is being condensed in text sized bytes of 140 characters or less. Even Blogs that don't have the same constraints need to be mindful that audiences have a tiny attention span due to to the myriad of options that are a mere click away/pun intended!

Hence the popularity of links to more specific and focused information. If you have an article that you want to direct your audience to, you may find that the URL alone takes up half the character allocation, not to mention looking ugly.

Url shorteners solve this issue. For example here is the normal url to a recent Blog of mine:

this is the shortened version:

There are a lot of shorteners to choose from including the easy to remember tinyurl or my shortener of choice which is

How does it work? Simple. Google tinyurl or click the links above, and simple copy and paste your long Url into the box and instantly it's shortened for you.

The pitalls to be aware of sre that some shorteners have a short life span and links can get lost, hence my preference for the most popular.

Cheers Kiaran

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aweber-Auto Responder

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Trying to navigate through the Hype and Gloss Online can be daunting. There are thousands of affiliate programs that are pitched as fully automated, just plug in and count the money-type schemes. For a beginner it is wise to be cautious. You can not only burn your hard earned marketing budget in a flash and probably more significantly kill your credibility.

One program that has close to universal acceptance and credibility amongst Internet Marketers is Aweber. I won't take up space on this blog discussing how Aweber works, but will give you a link that will guide you clearly through the nitty-gritty.

Suffice to say that Aweber is an email auto responder system. If there is one pre-requisite for building any online business it is undoubtedly an auto responder system. There are many good ones out there, but the most popular seems to be Aweber.  For around $4 per week you can have a 24/7 email marketing machine building your business with a professionalism that is hard to beat.

AWEBER-Click on the Features bar to see how it works.

Even if you are a complete newbie you can become an affiliate for FREE-and whilst you are learning how to build your own online business you can fund your marketing costs by referring your contacts and visitors to the Aweber site. They will do the rest. A 30% monthly affiliate bonus can be quite profitable. Just 20 to 30 affiliates can pay your annual marketing costs for your primary business, with virtually no effort.

Get response is another auto responder program that is getting good reviews, but for someone just starting out my recommendation is Aweber.

For more information connect on Google Friend/RSS or simply Twitter or Facebook me

Cheers Kiaran