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Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Twitter Experiment!

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As I hit the 3000 Follower mark It has occurred to me recently that my Twitter connections have been neglected and too anonymous. The pursuit of chasing the numbers has diluted a lot of the whole point of the network - which is presumably to to connect with like minded people.

I am undertaking an experiment that may take a few weeks and that is to send a non automated message one at a time to each of my Twittter connections and see how many show enough interest in responding.

So many Tweeting and yet so little engagement

I would be hugely amazed if 5% of my 'Followers' actually took time out to connect tangibly but that in itself would be awesome and authentic.

So anyway if you've meandered here via a Direct non automated message from me via Twitter and would care to leave a comment that would be enlightening and hopefully in the spirit of what the whole social networking thing's all about - I look forward to reciprocating...or perhaps you think I'm just crazy trying to change the 'rules'!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Global Horizons (My Shopping Genie) and Global Domains International

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Let me start off by stating that this blog rarely ventures into the Business Review arena. It's usually a self serving way to drive traffic to the website of those marketing the business. 

Alternatively the equally annoying practice of opening with a headline such as 'Is acme a SCAM!' uuurgh I hate that style of covert marketing.

Anyway enough of the babbling

I just received an unsolicited email (No opt in had been used) which is a bad start from someone representing Global Horizons. (My Shopping Genie) I rarely click through but as I had heard a little bit about them I thought I'd go against my instincts and have a look.

It's certainly a very well presented opportunity. Professional videos and well scripted. Certainly quite different to the over the top Click Bank hyped to the hilt rubbish that keeps showing up in my in box.

The voice over is English which will raise a few eyebrows - sounds like the strange try hard guy from the UK version of the office!

As a product an application/genie that tunes you into best deals online - it may well have some serious merit and sounds like a good idea that will have a market. The business opportunity that is presented is another story.

The pitch is 'earn $8k per month within 8 weeks!' who wouldn't be interested? A compelling headline for sure but here's where I began to remember why another similarly named business Global Domains International (WS) failed to get me on board.

GDI has stood the test of time and I have no doubt that many have earned good incomes from the opportunity. It has a VERY low entry fee of $10 per month and it's pretty hard to really lose much money - except perhaps in the marketing costs BUT....

Both businesses play the game of compounding returns - that just plain messes with your head. Here's how it goes..take a dollar and double it every dayfor 30 days and work how much you've accumulated. WOW who'd have thought it'd be so much!

Both these businesses make assumptions that you can simply double your 'network' every month and 'voila' you're rich

With GDI you will need a network in the vicinity of 8000 in order to earn 6 figures - and that's not counting all those who will join and do nothing or drop out within 12 months. If all those 8000 participants were to have the same ambitions you would need to multiply that # by 8000!!!

Global Horizons works on a similar principle. Entry is a modest enough $190 with a monthly fee of $29 but will require nearly 5000 participants for you to hit that elusive 6 figure mark. These sort of programs require you to get in very early and tough luck on those that arrive a year or so down the line...

I prefer businesses that offer the opportunity to retail a product or service to the masses which is sustainable and requires building a network in the low hundreds rather than multiple thousands.

If you've chosen to go down that path I wish you well I have no gripe against either company but that's my honest review.

Openings are currently available to work directly with me

Monday, March 21, 2011

7 Keys To Massive Success Online

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CLICK HERE - Your 5 Month Plan

CLICK HERE - Work With Me?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The #1 Reason You Will Succeed or Fail in Your Online Business

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Big statement! There is so much hype and downright lies relating to how to get rich quick online that it can seem like a random lottery. 

You've got to be in it to win it - which I've never bought into by the way... Just because buying a lottery ticket get's you in to the game (the game of chance) doesn't significantly change your odds of pay dirt. 

A 1 in a million chance, means that you probably have more chance of being run over by a bus on the way to purchasing your ticket than actually winning! Sad but true.

Internet marketing enthusiasts often fall to the same myth. Jump in to a business that was hyped up by a connection on Facebook or Twitter, check out some guru's click bank account to verify that it works and hey presto away you go. Except alas, 90 odd % fall by the wayside, again and again. Why is that?

According to the proponents of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), all you need to do in order to succeed in any endeavour, is to simply model the thoughts, actions and movements of a successful person and you too will produce the same results.

Tony Robbins has built a massive following upon this philosophical foundation - maybe we should all just copy Tony!

No I'm not intentionally being irreverent in fact I'm a fan of TR myself - but here's the myth or should I be more blunt here's the biggest lie...

Just plugin and play. It's a complete Turnkey System. Just broadcast to your followers and watch the virul explosion. It's FREE!

Come on give me a break! 

All the above is complete nonsense. I see people on my social networks loudly shouting from their pulpits about the latest greatest business opportunity in the world. You can hear and almost taste the enthusiasm....for about a month and then it dissipates into an eerie silence before metamorphosing (excuse me if that's not the word - hope you know what I mean) into an even newer and better business - and so the cycle continues until eventually they quit Facebook because it's so pitchy!

Am I being cynical I don't think so.

 Part of the problem is that a lot of the internet marketing leaders are promoting via their Bootcamps and weekly Webinars, the merits and magic of FREE marketing. it's an easy sell. Tell people that they can start a business for peanuts and just build a Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Channel of millions and then simply market into this ocean of new found 'friends' and success is assured.

Let me tell you something - these same marketers are NOT doing this themselves. You may have 5000  Facebook connections but if you're continually promoting your business to this community then 99.9% of them will hide or un-friend you.

OK the rant is over - it would help if you could read in the tone this is written ie tongue in cheek and purposely provocative.

The key ingredient in Internet Marketing guessed it Marketing. I'm guessing you've already figured out the internet part! Learn to Market. Just about every business on the planet has a marketing strategy -unless they've been around so long that word of mouth is doing the job.

You need a BUDGET. Ok maybe it's time to quit - I've brought up that nasty word. It's called investing. You need to invest time and money to create interest and capture the attention of your potential business and customer associates.

Lets do the Maths (yes we use the plural on this side of the world!). You have a business opportunity that earns you $10 per sign up. lets's say you can produce interested leads at $1 per lead and it takes 5 leads to produce a sign up, then that's a successful investment.

Let's change that to a high end program with a $2000 commission. let's imagine it costs a whopping $100 per lead, and that only one in ten actually takes up your offer - that's net cost of $1000. 

Who wouldn't run barefoot across broken glass for that deal?

Here's the deal. Just work out the R.O.I (return on investment) ratio and if it works in your favour then crank it up. Forget about the fact your new online business partner has shown you screen shots of $1000 days - what you need to know is how much in advertising dollars did it take to produce that figure. If it took $900 then it's not quite as exciting, perhaps.

Look I hope all's working well for you in your entrepreneurial endeavours -if it's less than what you'd like then connect below and I'll share some systems with you that are inexpensive and hugely effective at connecting the dots and allowing you to get back in the game.

If you are willing to take the 'risk' of opting in - you'll see how these systems work and how you can leverage almost any business of someone else's credibility

Click Here - opt in and all will be revealed -

 PS: In the spirit of Karma and all a thoughtful comment would be welcomed! Cheers K

Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Sales and Marketing Funnel - Needs to be Credible!

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The #1 reason that most people fail to make more than peanuts online is......drum roll.....lack of credibility!

You're in the same business as someone earning 6 figures and yet you're making Nada, Zip Why is that?

Let's imagine that you are promoting the greatest business opportunity in the world, but no one hears your message or worse still they hear you but just don't believe you! what a bummer...

ABC acme may be the IT thingy right now- and through your efforts I've landed onto your cookied affiliate website. Wow, I'm intrigued, I think I might give it a go, only a few bux to get started, but wait.....

Why don't I just Google it first and see what pops up? So many pages, oh and this guy is offering a tonne of Free stuff if I sign up with him and look what a cool website - she definitely looks like she knows what she's doing and hey this guy lives in my town and look at the screen shots of all the moolah he made last week!

You get the picture - it's just so easy to spend all your efforts promoting an opportunity only to see it all dribble through your hands and into the coffers of someone else.

Familiar? Here's the thing. Unless you have a list of thousands and No I don't mean loose social networking connections that you can just SPAM' I mean double opt in's via your autoresponder - then I'm sorry but you probably just don't have credibility. You may have an MBA/Phd and be a genius but to me you're just another face in the crowd. I want to be wowed.

You need a funnel that is branded to you BUT has the professional look and copywriting that will solicit a name and further investigation and it should ABSOLUTELY NOT give away the secret (what you are promoting) until they express and desire strong enough to request further info

Here's an example - click through take 10 secs to pop your details in the box and see how it works.


Monday, March 7, 2011

How I Promote My Online Business

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So you've signed up to the 'greatest biz opportunity in history' what next? You've told your mum, best mate and the dog - and only the dog showed even the slightest interest!

Let's face it, no one really cares about your business. If it works and you get filthy rich - you'll be quietly ignored for daring to upset the apple cart equilibrium of of your place in the peer social mix - if you fail - then that's fine 'cause it justifies their disinterest and is fodder for some mirth at your expense!

Here's the deal. If you're pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor - you need to go locate others with the same ambition dreams and goals as you. No one wants to be preached to or solicited to your brainwave of the week program - much as most of us don't want a religious zealot telling us how to live our lives - it's an accurate analogy.

As the renowned Online Marketer Mike Dillard likes to say: No one wants a drill - what they need are holes - hence that's where you should be positioning yourself - in the vicinity of those looking for solutions to their need for holes!

Enough already! Below are simple but effective lead capture pages for various businesses that I promote. I rarely promote my business - what I do is promote a link. For example 

The only people who will feel the remotest urge to click on that link are... you guessed it - people who like to travel and preferably for free! That's the demographic that my message is looking for -no one else

Here's another:

What type of person do you think will click on that link? Absolutely - My target audience

Sometimes I'll spread the net a bit broader in order to reach a wider audience. There are millions of people online chasing the numbers via Twitter, Facebook etc - well if i can offer a free download showing them how to build a massive Facebook and Twitter following at the click of a button - then I've got their attention and a good chance of an opt in

I know that sub domain doesn't express exactly what the nature of the information is which is probably a flaw but the link can still be promoted via the social networks but keeping the 'secret' hidden - it's called creating curiosity!

List building if done in a systematic and targeted fashion is a skill that all online marketers need to master. I believe that it is also important to brand YOU not just your biz opp - you'll note that my lead capture pages have two common denominators Kiaran Finn (me!) and 5 month plan. The latter is my subtle mini brand. 

Whenever that subdomain shows up it will trigger a memory of having been seen before - yet is unique to me. It could be anything - superhero - manofmystery - or whatever you like

For a bit more insight click through on the links

Cheers Kiaran

PS: Here are a couple more - seeing a pattern? lol

Saturday, March 5, 2011 - your online introduction

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I've just hooked up to a profile site called It's a neat free service that allows you to post an online 'business card' with a pic and profile details as well as a link to your other networks or websites.

You can use it as a sort of signature link on your emails, tweets etc

Takes about 2 minutes to set up - pretty cool!