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Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Twitter Experiment!

Tweet It!

As I hit the 3000 Follower mark It has occurred to me recently that my Twitter connections have been neglected and too anonymous. The pursuit of chasing the numbers has diluted a lot of the whole point of the network - which is presumably to to connect with like minded people.

I am undertaking an experiment that may take a few weeks and that is to send a non automated message one at a time to each of my Twittter connections and see how many show enough interest in responding.

So many Tweeting and yet so little engagement

I would be hugely amazed if 5% of my 'Followers' actually took time out to connect tangibly but that in itself would be awesome and authentic.

So anyway if you've meandered here via a Direct non automated message from me via Twitter and would care to leave a comment that would be enlightening and hopefully in the spirit of what the whole social networking thing's all about - I look forward to reciprocating...or perhaps you think I'm just crazy trying to change the 'rules'!


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