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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Global Horizons (My Shopping Genie) and Global Domains International

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Let me start off by stating that this blog rarely ventures into the Business Review arena. It's usually a self serving way to drive traffic to the website of those marketing the business. 

Alternatively the equally annoying practice of opening with a headline such as 'Is acme a SCAM!' uuurgh I hate that style of covert marketing.

Anyway enough of the babbling

I just received an unsolicited email (No opt in had been used) which is a bad start from someone representing Global Horizons. (My Shopping Genie) I rarely click through but as I had heard a little bit about them I thought I'd go against my instincts and have a look.

It's certainly a very well presented opportunity. Professional videos and well scripted. Certainly quite different to the over the top Click Bank hyped to the hilt rubbish that keeps showing up in my in box.

The voice over is English which will raise a few eyebrows - sounds like the strange try hard guy from the UK version of the office!

As a product an application/genie that tunes you into best deals online - it may well have some serious merit and sounds like a good idea that will have a market. The business opportunity that is presented is another story.

The pitch is 'earn $8k per month within 8 weeks!' who wouldn't be interested? A compelling headline for sure but here's where I began to remember why another similarly named business Global Domains International (WS) failed to get me on board.

GDI has stood the test of time and I have no doubt that many have earned good incomes from the opportunity. It has a VERY low entry fee of $10 per month and it's pretty hard to really lose much money - except perhaps in the marketing costs BUT....

Both businesses play the game of compounding returns - that just plain messes with your head. Here's how it goes..take a dollar and double it every dayfor 30 days and work how much you've accumulated. WOW who'd have thought it'd be so much!

Both these businesses make assumptions that you can simply double your 'network' every month and 'voila' you're rich

With GDI you will need a network in the vicinity of 8000 in order to earn 6 figures - and that's not counting all those who will join and do nothing or drop out within 12 months. If all those 8000 participants were to have the same ambitions you would need to multiply that # by 8000!!!

Global Horizons works on a similar principle. Entry is a modest enough $190 with a monthly fee of $29 but will require nearly 5000 participants for you to hit that elusive 6 figure mark. These sort of programs require you to get in very early and tough luck on those that arrive a year or so down the line...

I prefer businesses that offer the opportunity to retail a product or service to the masses which is sustainable and requires building a network in the low hundreds rather than multiple thousands.

If you've chosen to go down that path I wish you well I have no gripe against either company but that's my honest review.

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  1. I love My Shopping Genie. My friend sells it too. This is her website
    I've been thinking about starting after Christmas. Thank you for the information here - how long have you been doing this? Marie.

  2. Not sure you read the whole article Marie - I didn't actually endorse My Shopping Genie - in fact I made the observation that you will meed to build a massive network to make good money and its not sustainable for your team to duplicate - however I hope i'm proved wrong and that you do well