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Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Sales and Marketing Funnel - Needs to be Credible!

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The #1 reason that most people fail to make more than peanuts online is......drum roll.....lack of credibility!

You're in the same business as someone earning 6 figures and yet you're making Nada, Zip Why is that?

Let's imagine that you are promoting the greatest business opportunity in the world, but no one hears your message or worse still they hear you but just don't believe you! what a bummer...

ABC acme may be the IT thingy right now- and through your efforts I've landed onto your cookied affiliate website. Wow, I'm intrigued, I think I might give it a go, only a few bux to get started, but wait.....

Why don't I just Google it first and see what pops up? So many pages, oh and this guy is offering a tonne of Free stuff if I sign up with him and look what a cool website - she definitely looks like she knows what she's doing and hey this guy lives in my town and look at the screen shots of all the moolah he made last week!

You get the picture - it's just so easy to spend all your efforts promoting an opportunity only to see it all dribble through your hands and into the coffers of someone else.

Familiar? Here's the thing. Unless you have a list of thousands and No I don't mean loose social networking connections that you can just SPAM' I mean double opt in's via your autoresponder - then I'm sorry but you probably just don't have credibility. You may have an MBA/Phd and be a genius but to me you're just another face in the crowd. I want to be wowed.

You need a funnel that is branded to you BUT has the professional look and copywriting that will solicit a name and further investigation and it should ABSOLUTELY NOT give away the secret (what you are promoting) until they express and desire strong enough to request further info

Here's an example - click through take 10 secs to pop your details in the box and see how it works.


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