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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The #1 Reason You Will Succeed or Fail in Your Online Business

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Big statement! There is so much hype and downright lies relating to how to get rich quick online that it can seem like a random lottery. 

You've got to be in it to win it - which I've never bought into by the way... Just because buying a lottery ticket get's you in to the game (the game of chance) doesn't significantly change your odds of pay dirt. 

A 1 in a million chance, means that you probably have more chance of being run over by a bus on the way to purchasing your ticket than actually winning! Sad but true.

Internet marketing enthusiasts often fall to the same myth. Jump in to a business that was hyped up by a connection on Facebook or Twitter, check out some guru's click bank account to verify that it works and hey presto away you go. Except alas, 90 odd % fall by the wayside, again and again. Why is that?

According to the proponents of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), all you need to do in order to succeed in any endeavour, is to simply model the thoughts, actions and movements of a successful person and you too will produce the same results.

Tony Robbins has built a massive following upon this philosophical foundation - maybe we should all just copy Tony!

No I'm not intentionally being irreverent in fact I'm a fan of TR myself - but here's the myth or should I be more blunt here's the biggest lie...

Just plugin and play. It's a complete Turnkey System. Just broadcast to your followers and watch the virul explosion. It's FREE!

Come on give me a break! 

All the above is complete nonsense. I see people on my social networks loudly shouting from their pulpits about the latest greatest business opportunity in the world. You can hear and almost taste the enthusiasm....for about a month and then it dissipates into an eerie silence before metamorphosing (excuse me if that's not the word - hope you know what I mean) into an even newer and better business - and so the cycle continues until eventually they quit Facebook because it's so pitchy!

Am I being cynical I don't think so.

 Part of the problem is that a lot of the internet marketing leaders are promoting via their Bootcamps and weekly Webinars, the merits and magic of FREE marketing. it's an easy sell. Tell people that they can start a business for peanuts and just build a Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Channel of millions and then simply market into this ocean of new found 'friends' and success is assured.

Let me tell you something - these same marketers are NOT doing this themselves. You may have 5000  Facebook connections but if you're continually promoting your business to this community then 99.9% of them will hide or un-friend you.

OK the rant is over - it would help if you could read in the tone this is written ie tongue in cheek and purposely provocative.

The key ingredient in Internet Marketing guessed it Marketing. I'm guessing you've already figured out the internet part! Learn to Market. Just about every business on the planet has a marketing strategy -unless they've been around so long that word of mouth is doing the job.

You need a BUDGET. Ok maybe it's time to quit - I've brought up that nasty word. It's called investing. You need to invest time and money to create interest and capture the attention of your potential business and customer associates.

Lets do the Maths (yes we use the plural on this side of the world!). You have a business opportunity that earns you $10 per sign up. lets's say you can produce interested leads at $1 per lead and it takes 5 leads to produce a sign up, then that's a successful investment.

Let's change that to a high end program with a $2000 commission. let's imagine it costs a whopping $100 per lead, and that only one in ten actually takes up your offer - that's net cost of $1000. 

Who wouldn't run barefoot across broken glass for that deal?

Here's the deal. Just work out the R.O.I (return on investment) ratio and if it works in your favour then crank it up. Forget about the fact your new online business partner has shown you screen shots of $1000 days - what you need to know is how much in advertising dollars did it take to produce that figure. If it took $900 then it's not quite as exciting, perhaps.

Look I hope all's working well for you in your entrepreneurial endeavours -if it's less than what you'd like then connect below and I'll share some systems with you that are inexpensive and hugely effective at connecting the dots and allowing you to get back in the game.

If you are willing to take the 'risk' of opting in - you'll see how these systems work and how you can leverage almost any business of someone else's credibility

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 PS: In the spirit of Karma and all a thoughtful comment would be welcomed! Cheers K

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