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Monday, March 7, 2011

How I Promote My Online Business

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So you've signed up to the 'greatest biz opportunity in history' what next? You've told your mum, best mate and the dog - and only the dog showed even the slightest interest!

Let's face it, no one really cares about your business. If it works and you get filthy rich - you'll be quietly ignored for daring to upset the apple cart equilibrium of of your place in the peer social mix - if you fail - then that's fine 'cause it justifies their disinterest and is fodder for some mirth at your expense!

Here's the deal. If you're pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor - you need to go locate others with the same ambition dreams and goals as you. No one wants to be preached to or solicited to your brainwave of the week program - much as most of us don't want a religious zealot telling us how to live our lives - it's an accurate analogy.

As the renowned Online Marketer Mike Dillard likes to say: No one wants a drill - what they need are holes - hence that's where you should be positioning yourself - in the vicinity of those looking for solutions to their need for holes!

Enough already! Below are simple but effective lead capture pages for various businesses that I promote. I rarely promote my business - what I do is promote a link. For example 

The only people who will feel the remotest urge to click on that link are... you guessed it - people who like to travel and preferably for free! That's the demographic that my message is looking for -no one else

Here's another:

What type of person do you think will click on that link? Absolutely - My target audience

Sometimes I'll spread the net a bit broader in order to reach a wider audience. There are millions of people online chasing the numbers via Twitter, Facebook etc - well if i can offer a free download showing them how to build a massive Facebook and Twitter following at the click of a button - then I've got their attention and a good chance of an opt in

I know that sub domain doesn't express exactly what the nature of the information is which is probably a flaw but the link can still be promoted via the social networks but keeping the 'secret' hidden - it's called creating curiosity!

List building if done in a systematic and targeted fashion is a skill that all online marketers need to master. I believe that it is also important to brand YOU not just your biz opp - you'll note that my lead capture pages have two common denominators Kiaran Finn (me!) and 5 month plan. The latter is my subtle mini brand. 

Whenever that subdomain shows up it will trigger a memory of having been seen before - yet is unique to me. It could be anything - superhero - manofmystery - or whatever you like

For a bit more insight click through on the links

Cheers Kiaran

PS: Here are a couple more - seeing a pattern? lol

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