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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Floating Lead Capture Pages Can Transform ANY Business FAST!

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The title sounds like a Click Bank advert promising the world at the click of a button - and there's more....

Seriously if you've been online for more than 5 minutes you've probably heard that there are 3 keys to succeeding online

Build a LIST
Sell to the list
Repeat the process

Pretty simple huh?

Not really of course. Where's this magical list coming from? Sure if I had a list of 200k loyal subscribers who like and trust me enough to actually open my emails and then click through on my links, then this whole Internet Marketing gig would be pretty good wouldn't it?

So many questions!

If you've read my ebook 'Rip Up The Rule Book' (click on the Penguin Pic on the right) you'll know that I am a great advocator of differentiation. Following the Pied Piper can have unfortunate consequences BUT I think it goes without saying that building a targeted audience and capturing their details (email) gives you enormous leverage.

Here's the thing. If by some miracle someone stumbles across your website (excuse the irreverent language!) you have one opportunity to impress them enough for them to click through your links and maybe join a business venture or purchase something BUT that is rare.

Like an ADHD 6 year old who's had a gallon of red cordial - no sooner has the thought occurred to them to check your stuff out than some other shinier distraction catches their eye and a million clicks later they're laughing their socks off at some YouTube video involving the misadventures of someone's cat and parrot -with no earthly idea how they got there!!!

Maybe that's you!

Below are some lead capture links that I use to add stickiness to my websites. They solicit a direct request for information in return for something of value

PS that last bit is hugely important. I might offer potentially $100's of dollars of ebooks, videos and so forth just for an email address.

Check these out for yourself

PPS: I don't generally like the PPS but anyway if you'd like to hook up with me for more hands on help then I have a proposal that might interest you (limited time-really) 

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