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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get Online FAST and Protect and Build Your Market Share

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Consider this:

In 1996 there were less than 20 million people online. Today there are well in excess of a Billion! It is estimated that more than one in five people on the planet is connected. 

The landscape has changed utterly, and you know what? It’s virtually untapped. It’s like the dawn of the industrial revolution. We’re just stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what’s happening. 

Most people will sleep walk through this historical period of unlimited opportunity only to awake years later and wonder what happened! No kidding...

The message is this. Tap in fast. Get involved and evolve with the technology. Those that embrace the medium will attain successes that previous generations could only dream about. 

And for one simple reason. It’s called Leverage. The ability to leverage other peoples’ skills and resources is absolutely phenomenal.

Traditional Marketing strategies are no longer effective. How has your return on investment on your Yellow pages advertising changed in the last 5 years? If you are marketing to a demographic under 45 then I'd guess the answer is sobering

A half hearted attempt to embrace Twitter Facebook and other social media forums just won't cut it. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the super busy 24/7 digitally connected and consider how your decision making process evolves. 

You're on the road iphone4 or ipad in hand. You need two new TYRES/NEW ACCOUNTANT/DENTAL procedure - what do you do?

This is what I do. Google 'cheap tyres Innaloo' 'accountant North Perth' 'dentist Scarborough'

5 seconds later my choice has been narrowed to less than half a dozen businesses. Are you on this list? 

I haven't got time to get 10 quotes - what I want is convienience. When I click on your website - does it convey instatntly why I should call you NOW?

Drive by traffic equates to google search.....

I've found you what next? Wow you offer a discount voucher valid for next two days for all new clients! Free car wash with all purchases over $80! You bulk Bill!

Sure, I'll drop my email address in the box for an update on how to get 10% off all purchases made in the next 12 months.

Cool I don't think I'll bother scouring the 'net for any other companies - I've got a 'coffee catch up' with a friend in 30 minutes.

It's not that complicated. Get found. Have a compelling offer and attract an email address!

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