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Friday, April 29, 2011

Engagement Versus List Building

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After recently launching my training site for budding online entrepreneurs @Keypoint Learning I've returned to the reason I'm actually online. 

My motto is that:

 I'm online to have fun, network with like minded people for mutual inspiration and to fund my travel and lifestyle ambitions.

In a nutshell that's my definition of life balance. Many online marketers seem to have different motivations. I constantly see them masquerading as friends on the social networks, posting only to blatently pitch their unsolicited message to anonymous connections they've shamelessly collected as a misguided list building exercise.

Misguided? When someone who I've never interacted with connects with me via Twitter or Facebook I find myself much more enthused if their 'followers' number in the 100's rather than the tens of thousands. Mass followers originate occasionally from some form of guru or celebrity status, but more often from the pursuit of building a list

I recently conducted an exercise whereby I direct messaged 100 'connections' who had solicited a follow request, with a specific and personal comment relating to them ie non automated. The reciprocal result was ...... eerily empty. There is a whole world of Tweeters sending automated messages to 1000's of loose connections none of whom have any inclination to respond. Pointless.

Well maybe not entirely. It's akin to a massive letterbox drop. If 1% respond then that may be an acceptable ROI but.... it's a real killer of relationship building though. The irony is of course that if these Tweeters took the time to actually personally connect with just 100 - the impact would be extra ordinary.

For this reason I've become more choosy with who I connect with on Facebook and have no desire to accumulate too many disinterested number chasers. Twitter? I'm happy to accept 95% of requests with minimal expectation of real connection - and there is some value as a broadcasting forum.

Where's this blog heading? Sorry to ramble on. The message relates to the under rated value of engagement. If you read a blog that has some interest maybe take a second a hit the like icon - it's a minimal commitment but guessed it -it's a form of engagement.

Perhaps the odd comment. (no pun intended - odd comments are often quite funny!)  There is a whole community of bloggers who spend half their lives commenting on other blogs just for a reciprocal comment. That to me seems pretty manufactured - though not a criticism

Real engagement is a habit that takes time - but like most interactions offline and online the reward maybe surprisingly is that the reward and self satisfaction more often comes from the giving than the receiving

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