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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Benefit Of Professional Lead Capture Pages

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One of the most basic and time consuming mistakes I made when I first started dabbling in the world of Online Business was investing untold hours and dollars trying to design even the most basic of websites.

Html codes urghhh! Auto responders with neat opt in boxes with regular follow up emails, seemed like a great idea but the end product was that nothing I conjured up looked even faintly compelling.

That's the biggest challenge you face when you take your first tentative steps on your online marketing journey-you just don't seem credible! Someone finds their way to your website, spends a few seconds there before wandering off and hooking up with someone doing the same thing as you. but with a little more panache.

Discovery of the power of lead capture pages, aka squeeze pages was an eye opener. Sure, it's great to have your own personally branded page, but if it's going to take you 2 years to figure out how to do it, then it seems a bit pointless.

A lead capture page is generally a professional web page with some tailoring and customized with your personal details. They are usually crisp, professional, often with audio and video embedding and a simple opt in box to collect your leads, and in many cases actually facilitate the following up by the company Personal Business Assistants (PBA). You just set and forget. Well, not quite, but if you can guide traffic to the capture page, you can virtually sit back and let the process take over.

I have included a couple of simple lead capture pages from my primary business for you to check out. All I did was copy and paste the link and bingo!

If you have a Twitter account or Facebook, Myspace etc-you can simply use your lead capture page as a link on your profile page. I find it interesting that some people in my social networks have no clickable Website, Blog or Lead Capture pages for me to check out what they do.

Whilst lead capture pages are not interactive like Blogs and don't really get picked up by search engines-their main purpose is to sift through the tyre kickers and help identify who's actually interested in your project, without you having to run around soliciting (annoying) your family and friends into your latest hair brained idea LOL! let's face it you've probably got little business credibility within this audience anyway.

if you are still looking for an online business opportunity then I'd welcome you to hook up via the opt in or direct contact me on Twitter or Facebook-My philosophy is that I build connections that I can work with personally rather than trying to build massive annonymous lists and then dumping a different opportunity into the email box every couple of days.

Hope life's treating you well-Cheers Kiaran

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