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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be Honest...Are You Struggling With Your Online Ventures?

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It’s interesting tuning into the buzz of my social media connections and noticing the ebb and flow of enthusiasm various people have for their various and transient Biz Opps.

You can almost taste the frustration as the excitement of ‘hey guys check this out its awesome’ gradually dissipates to eventual silence and AWOL-before emerging a month or two later with a familiar rallying call.

This is absolutely not to belittle their efforts-on the contrary I am a huge advocate of entrepreneurial zeal and ambition, however the unfortunate reality of life is that enthusiasm and euphoric evangelic ‘marketing’ can be counter productive. 

All but the most charismatic of leaders will need a proper system and foundation on which to build their successful business. Incidentally charisma is not duplicateable, and if your business model requires replication, then you’ve definitely got a problem.

I have colleagues earning consistent 5 figure weeks-yes WEEKS in various online ventures that I’m involved in. BUT that does not hide the fact that literally hundreds of adherents are making Zip, Nada in the same businesses.

After the euphoria wears off and they start to realise that the shiny Porsche they’ve had their eye on is not going to materialise anytime soon-they make the decision to QUIT or change businesses.
Invariably however this changes nothing. (Excuse the grammar!)

Lets look at the recurring loop that takes place. Exposure to a clever (very expensive) copy written capture page. This leads to a ‘Wow-What if…” moment. Belief creates action, which bears little fruit. Bank balance starts to bleed! Disappointment turns to disillusionment, which loops back to NEXT! Off we go again.

It’s pretty embarrassing to vocally and visibly promote your business to all and sundry and then return to your social network tail between your legs and start over.

As long as a lesson has been learned then it’s just feedback. I would suggest that you don’t give up on your stalled business just yet. Yes there’s probably a whole bunch of other exciting ventures you could hook up to, but if you’ve already invested time money and resources into a business it would be a shame to waste all that. Let’s face it-you must have believed in the dream at the start. Maybe it’s just your strategy you need to revisit not the business.

Like it or not your sponsor or mentor may not be best equipped to help you. They may be too busy or inaccessible, or any number of reasons.
To succeed you absolutely need a system and mentoring process.

I wasted countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel when I started. HTML-Website creation-Article writing-Blogs-Traffic generation-Auto responders-Video creation-Twitter-Facebook-etc. For goodness sake I wasn’t even up to speed with copy and paste! If I wasn’t so stubborn I should have quit before I began, as the learning curve was so ridiculously steep!

My recommendation.

No it’s not to join my primary business-well you can if you want-BUT that won’t help you anymore than your current opportunity. No my recommendation is to hook up to a proper Turnkey Training System that is completely set up from A-Z. Replicateable for your new members. Brands YOU not your business. And offers a solid affiliate income right out of the blocks (funded proposal)

There are quite a few really good systems. Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is probably the best known and promoted and you could do worse than invest $30 in the book. 

The downside is that it’s a pretty ubiquitous program and there’s probably not a great deal of mystery and excitement like there was a couple of years back.

MLSP – pro is one system I use to build my brand and attract traffic. It has very comprehensive training resources in the back office, AND you can use it as a platform to promote both your business and various affiliate programs. You may however find that you get filtered into the Carbon Copy Pro Business. Which is OK-but may distract you from your original plan.

My #1 training resource of choice is definitely the latest version of the 4 Step System. I only share the system with those who choose to opt in though. Why? Well to be candid I’ll bend over backwards to help those that want to partner up with me-BUT if I can’t get a minor commitment of trust and commitment then it becomes pointless.

Best wishes with your business endeavors and keep the faith!!!


  1. Hi Kiaran,

    You gave great advice advice above. People need to 'stick with it.' Meaning they need to stick with the program they are already with and 'make it work.'

    They just might need to sharpen their 'axe' a bit. Maybe using different methods of marketing, etc.

    Great article!

    Have a fabulous week!

    Ilka Flood

  2. I absolutely agree, Kiaran - people make their success very personal. Every unanswered phone call is a tragedy, every "maybe" is a cause to have a party.

    This is business. Emotion needs to go.

    Determination, good plan, and a great system are the keys to success.

    Having a great mentor does help :).

    I am familiar with all the systems you mentioned and support all of your choices.


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