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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Exactly Are You Online?

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Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of choice available in this realm of infinite distraction?
I could have entitled this Blog  ‘The Focus Factor’
Unless your primary reason is to kill time it’s unlikely you’ll achieve your online objectives without some disciplined focus.
I’m online for 3 main reasons: 


  • To have fun - My life Philosophy
  • To Connect with like minded people -  
  • To make money – to fund my passion for travel!

The first reason - To have Fun is easy. Browsing sporting websites, interacting with friends and family, listening to music, and tuning in to the noise that interests me. But of itself doesn’t lead to any long term fulfillment.
To connect with like-minded people requires some effort. So who are these people?  These are the people I have connected with on social networking sites, who as a cross section share similar interests, philosophy, humor, business and are upbeat, motivated and inspiring.
Connecting with a million random tweeters is not my strategy of attracting these connections but there is a loose filtering method required.  Attracting like-minded people requires sharing personal insights. This can be via blogging, forum postings and promoting your profile. I find it baffling that so many online networkers do not share their profile. Engagement requires some motivation and solicitation. Give me a reason to invest my energy connecting with you!
To make money! This sounds crass but lets call it as it is. There is one social networking site that I’ve recently vacated where the whole reason that 90% of the participants are involved is to GRQ. Get Rich Quick! I have no problem with that within a certain context. Given a choice between GRQ or Get rich Slow, or even Stay Poor! – GRQ sounds good BUT the distaste I have for it as a one-dimensional strategy on this networking forum, is the self-centered spammy style of interaction. It’s all about Me, Me, Me. There is no sense of genuine leadership and reciprocation.
If you can fund your aspirations by doing that which you enjoy whilst helping others along the way, then that seems infinitely more rewarding than praying to win Lotto or selling empty dreams to the naïve.
The power of focus is profound. Sometimes the rewards can appear to take longer, but modest progress in the direction of a passionate goal makes a lot more sense than warp speed movement toward someone else’s goal.
Sharing your real reasons for being online will rapidly attract like- minded people toward you. Be wary though of the compound impact of attracting like-minded people to you if you are miserable, negative, mean spirited and scarred (only kidding I know that's not you!)–because there is a massive audience willing to engage-just pop on some online forums and notice how long and vitriolic some of the threads are that these people spend their lives contributing to.


  1. Hi Kiaran,

    that's a great post. I always love posts about people's motivation that drives us and keeps us going.

    Money is a means to an end, so making money is a legitimate reason, even if the true reasons should go beyond money, way beyond money.

    GRQ ? Well, I read in the Secret that the universe doesn't have a notion of time, so adjectives like "quick" and "slow" are our values, not the universe's.

    So there's nothing wrong with GR(Q) in general, but beware of the attitude and expectations most people looking for a GRQ-scheme tend to have: Are they looking for short-cuts and expect social media to work for them instead of themselves working for social media ? For example.

    As often, we need to look behind the mere visible action - into the mindset and the attitude that drive the visible action.

    Take care


  2. Hey Kiaran,

    I'm an Internet Marketer,that's why I'm on-line and it's part of my blog title.

    That's one of the things about a blog, post consistently and like minded people will find you.

    I've been told it takes about 100 posts to start kicking in.

    You can cut down the time considerably by making proactive comments on the blogs of the like minded people you have found.


  3. I here on on this Kiaran. I'm here for the same reasons and having fun.

    A lot of people are on here for GRQ and I don't have much respect for that just because I also feel that it's a selfish way to do business.

    But one things for sure is that I'm having fun with learning about all the neat strategies and tools you can use. What's even better is sharing this information with other network marketers like yourself.

    Take Care


  4. Hey Kiaran,

    I beleive that many people forget the fun part of all this, they spend way to much time in this industry that they end up missing life and regretting their decision. Or they have to much fun and never get anything done.... they need to find that happy medium.

    Great post.

  5. Hi Kiaran,

    Focus is key in anything if you want to be successful. That and consistency, persistence and perceverance.

    Like you, I am online to find like-minded people. The old "3 foot rule" works online just as well as offline. But you can connect with more people online.

    And, I'd rather get rich slow than not at all ;-)


  6. Kiaran,

    I am online to make friends and fortune.

    And so far it has been a fun ride :)

  7. Kiaran,

    This is a great article and I hope more people read it. I like the way you honestly and plainly make your case. We are here to make a living but the right way helping others help themselves very nicely done. I'm glad I got your comment thing figured out. Take Care.

    Steve Shoemaker

  8. Honesty and clarity of vision...a rare combination and a skill that you have mastered. Many thanks! :)

  9. Your second image gave me the "he is trying to run away" reaction:).

    I am online to give my life a different flavor.

    I just want to be someone beyond a great mother and a wife (and modest too).

    Having my blog gives me that.

    Finding people like you, Kiaran (and the fact that we promote the same business never came between us), is incredible fulfilling.

    Money? Definitely.

    Thanks for making us think - once again.


  10. Thanks Ana -that's a funny comment about Mr Red 'running away!' He thought he was leading not being chased! lol...