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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are You Pitching Get Rich Quick To your Internet Marketing Business Prospects?

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Lately I’ve been noticing a number of my social/business networking colleagues-jumping ship from promoting high end (as in high entry investment) to lower entry programs.

I've begun to wonder why. Is it because their previous businesses were no good and they've found better programs or as I suspect is it that they were not better informed as to what is required to build high entry business programs? 

I believe too many people are being lured in to opportunities that are not best suited to their situation and who consequently quit-disillusioned.

Below are some warnings for people taking their first steps in these often shark invested waters-lol!

High-End programs –Entry $3K-$5k+-generally offer the most lucrative return on dollar investment BUT also by extension a greater risk of losing money.

Consider this analogy. If you purchase an investment property and hook up with a developer, with a view to negative gearing yourself into some positive equity, you may invest $400k for instance with a view to earning $100k over a few years. Great when it works and disastrous if the property market plummets.

This however doesn’t make it a scam-it simply implies that ventures have risk, and you need to weigh up the risk and reward.

The concern with this example is this: If the risk is not explained and only the reward is pitched. If the investor is completely new to the game and not equipped to adapt, or indeed if the investor is not in a position to risk losing any money. Ethically I suggest these people should not be marketed to. 

Back to the online world; Too many people I believe are being solicited (not scammed) into high end programs based on the heavily edited and cleverly copy written landing pages that attract their attention and encourage them to part with their hard earned dollars.

Let’s look at the following equation: You attract 50 people to your $3k program and earn $2k from each sale. Great, you’ve earned $100k and perhaps a residual income on the sales that they bring in, BUT…
Whilst it’s true that all they have got to do is to duplicate your efforts and they have the opportunity to earn the same reward there is a nagging concern.

Did they join the program realizing what is required to achieve this level of success?
Be honest have you ever promoted a program along the lines of: this is the quickest easiest way to make money fast and quit the rat race, just work a few hours a week and then just chill and shop! May be you bought in to a program based on that seductive lure.

High-end programs are successful for LEADERS. What do leaders do? They immerse themselves completely in their projects. When they start on the ventures they stay up until 3am in the morning completely obsessed with making it happen. They outsource. They invest in lead generation programs. They create funded proposals and set up regular Webinars. They go to conferences and hang out with successful entrepreneurs. And, they absolutely deserve their successes.

Alas most people who join these programs are shocked to discover the price that’s required and aren’t equipped either financially, or don’t have a deep enough desire and appetite or are too inexperienced and overwhelmed to achieve any success.

People leave programs not because of diminished ambition, but because they were not properly informed as to what was required to succeed and will often move on feeling ‘scammed’
What’s the solution? The rule of marketing is to sell all the features and benefits of a program and to hide the warts. Ethically I would suggest the following approach.

Focus on how you can help your prospect achieve the absolute best result for them. In most instances an 18 year old with zero online marketing experience and limited budget but with a ton of ambition may be better suited to joining a lower entry program and learning the ropes, creating some modest results and building some cash flow before moving on to the next level.

However someone who’s already had positive experience in business and a grasp of the requirements to build a solid 6 figure income, and who also is up to speed with cutting edge marketing techniques-is well suited to taking the plunge.

My 3 Levels of Entry into the Internet Marketing Business World.

Low level: Under $300 -Educational-Modest affiliate income-and platform into the industry-The 4 Step System.

Medium Level: Under $700-Travel Program-easy to sell-high value-72% commission – some online experience would help but perfectly aligned to the 4 Step Program– Primo Vacations.

High Level: $3k-$5k-Your Net Biz-Information Marketing. A potentially lucrative 6-figure program. Will work well for highly motivated and focused people BUT is not a simple turnkey business. It will not be for most people and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

There are hundreds of opportunities to choose from some are great and some are absolute rubbish. My message is to pitch the whole truth to your prospects. You know what? Many won’t join you-but that’s better than lots of people joining you and finding out later they were misinformed and quitting, disillusioned and out of pocket.

My goal online is to create success by helping others achieve THEIR goals and aspirations-NOT at the expense of others and the pay off is far beyond monetary.

Wishing you all well I your endeavors.

Cheers kiaran
For any questions regarding any of the above programs you can contact me direct on any of my social media sites on the side.


  1. Very good information...I agree that many marketers do not fully educate their future partners and then they leave because it was not meant for them.

  2. Hi Kiaran,

    Great points! You've got to know what you are getting yourself into. The program or opportunity has to fit your interests and your passion. Just joining a program purely for financial reasons will never work out.

    Have an awesome week!

    Ilka Flood
    The Enlightened Networker

  3. Hi Kiaran,

    Thank You for a good article.

    I agree it is not a good practice to push any program before figuring out what a person is really after and his level of knowledge before signing them up.

    With Respect
    Slavik G.