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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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 Is that title transparent enough? I’m being facetious of course. It’s almost impossible to review anything without the prejudice of our own agenda. As we all have some sort of agenda- or else why would we invest out time and energy on commentating-the best course of action in doing our due diligence may be to compare different apples from different orchards. O.K perhaps I’m over doing the metaphor-but I’m guessing you know what I’m saying.

Despite the evangelical claims from the passionate believers, there is no one true route to success in any field of endeavor. Your MLM business may be proven and have the best skin care and nutritional supplements on the face of the planet, but that doesn’t mean that ANYONE can succeed in that business.

Years ago in the door to door sales world, World Book competed with Encyclopaedia Britannica for bragging rights as to which was the best. Guess what? Both had similar degrees of success AND failure. Amway versus Herbalife? The same debate will prove equally pointless. Both will have advocates and detractors.

At some point the discussion needs to evolve. Which business best complements YOUR ambition, ethics and budget? Do you really have any affinity to the goods or services that business markets? Can you relate and trust the person that solicited you to join?

Here is a brief review of 5 different online business opportunities. It is biased as I am involved to varying degrees in all five, and if you choose to partner up with me in one or more-horror of horrors-I will earn some dosh!

That said here is a quick review of the pros and cons of each as I see it.

SWOM: click
A business-networking site that attracts online marketers and welcomes them to network and share their story. The entry to the forum is FREE, but don’t be fooled, the only benefits are to paid members. 

Membership is $25 per month and can be covered by referring 5 others to the network.

Income potential: Pretty low, but the ability to build mutually beneficial business connections, pretty high. There is some significant opportunity in having 50 000 internet marketers that you can instantly engage. This is a lot more interactive and beneficial to networkers I believe than the likes of Twitter which has a very large mix of non business members.

Downside: You will get a quite a few emails from other SWOMMERS asking you to look at their stuff-but they are pretty receptive to you sharing your programs with them.

MLSP: click
A funded proposal style-training program. These guys are heavily influenced by Mike Dillard of Magnetic sponsoring fame and have done a pretty good job at creating a branding program for online marketers.

Membership: $50 per month, which can be recouped with just 4 referrals.

This is a pretty easy program to promote and the content offered in the back office really is very good. Even complete beginners can kick start their business by utilizing the tools offered.

Income potential: Probably a bit over stated in the videos. There are a few absolute go-getters who are unstoppable, but for most average online marketers it is probably still in the category of a funded proposal. This provides an opportunity for you to list build and offer affiliate programs to your prospects under one umbrella.

Downside: Not much of a downside. If you do nothing else but absorb the information in the back office you’ve probably got 6 months worth of monetary value. There is the potential to get side tracked a bit as you will get exposed to the primary program of your sponsor, which may not align with your business plan.

Similar in many ways to MLSP-but invitation only and consequently less promoted. An online training system designed to teach the fundamentals of Internet marketing with branded affiliate links to other popular programs. There is an opportunity to do some co-operative marketing with solo ads-which is a big benefit to inexperienced and even experienced marketers.

Membership: Membership $297 pus $20 per month.

Income Potential:  A Vehicle to leverage your other business opportunities as well as list building. $500 -$2500 per month.

Downside: The upfront investment, which is counter balanced by a $150 affiliate commission on referrals which is really easy to promote. A little cheaper over 12 months than MLSP.

This is a Vacation club Program with heavily discounted access to over 80000 global resorts.

Membership: Lifetime membership $695 plus $30 per month for business builders.

There are some significant savings on personal travel. A very easy program to market as it is very tangible. $500 referral commissions on personal referrals PLUS $500 on second level.

Income Potential: No real ceiling. $2000 - $5000 per month

Downside: Requires some marketing effort and some people prefer more than 1 level deep over rides.

High end and potentially lucrative information marketing program. The upfront commission of $2000 is attractive as well as a $500 second level over ride. This is a program for big picture marketers. The resources in the back office are impressive-literally 1000’s of eBooks and videos etc. The really cool part of this program is the allocation of a personal assistant who will do the follow ups for you. This adds a high degree of professionalism. 

A big plus is that you get 2 businesses for the price of one as Primo Vacations is included in the top Platinum package.

Membership: $2990 plus $59 per month.

Income Potential: Very high potential with some earning $30k plus per month (some will earn zero)

Downside: Not within everyone’s budget and definitely a potential to LOSE money. You need to be committed to make this work. The monthly $59 fee is a little high AND some of the eBooks are definitely a bit yesterday. Overall though its hard to fault the content value of the back office. That said it offers the highest potential income business opportunity I've seen in this investment bracket.

Summary Comparison:
               Cost x 12 months - Income 5 Referrals  10 Referrals- Override
SWOM                  $300            $350           $700                   
MLSP                    $600            $900          $1800                                    
TURNKEY              $520            $750          $1500
PRIMO VACATIONS $1055          $2000        $4500
YOUR NET BIZ       $3698          $10000      $20000    $5000


  1. Good analysis Kiaran.

    I tend to avoid the paid social networks; low income potential and you have to listen to all of those opportunity pitches. Of course if you have the patience, there are a lot of people there who definitely nead help with their marketing.

    Spot on about MLSP, very good program.

  2. Great review Kiaran. I love the short, sweet and direct approach and you hit the nail on the head. As far as I'm concerned, there is no downside in the short term to any program that offers valuable educational content...just make sure to read the fine print! :)