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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Exactly Are You Participating In Social Networking?

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Social Media; “I just don’t get it!”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that comment – well maybe $10 – I’d be pretty happy!

It seems a tad ludicrous to dismiss a social networking phenomenon that embraces hundreds of millions of participants. It suggests that you are either intellectually far more astute than these deluded minions or the more likely scenario is that you don’t perceive a personal relevance yet.

Personally I don’t get the whole celebrity worship and ubiquitous headline conversation surrounding reality TV identities – however there’s a whole massively lucrative entertainment industry that does get it and are profiting very nicely. In other words just because I don’t get it doesn’t invalidate its power.

I posted a blog awhile back titled ‘Why are you Online?’ which analyzed the motivations and strategies required to achieve your online objectives.

So why exactly are you participating in Social Networking?
This is a question that needs to be examined, to ensure that the long term time and energy invested will produce the desired results rather than waste half your life!
Building your brand.

In 5 years time you may start a business, or apply for your dream job, or join a dating agency, or start a charity organization. Like it or not your new audience will pay less heed to your exaggerated or fabricated testimonials than you’d like.

In 5 minutes, with a little help from Google I can get a pretty good picture of what you’re all about. Unfair? Of course, I can never get to know you based on such a whimsical investigation, but….that’s the reality of an open profile world.

Comments on Facebook remain. Articles written in the heat of the moment, drunken moments shared on Flickr, and a million other snap shots that hint at who you are, will define and enforce your reputation. Be protective of the reputation that you are creating with every click.

Some hints to fast track your Authority Online.

Building enormous and largely anonymous connections is largely pointless. "Why Having Too Many Followers May be Killing Your Online Experience" (unless you’re Justin Bieber!) without a coherent effort to engage. There maybe some moderate credibility garnered by having a perceived large following – but beyond 1000 or so this loses credence.

Engagement is the key to creating a worthwhile benefit. Ironically, despite so many people connected via so many social networks, few are engaged to any significant degree with more than a handful.
There is almost a magic to the power of engaging and the natural urge to reciprocate tells a story.

Invest an hour a day for a week engaging with your networks and I guarantee a profound effect will unfold.

  • Send some direct (not automated) messages commenting on a Blog.
  • Click the ‘like’ button on a dozen posts per day. 
  • Leave a considered comment on a few Blog posts. 
  • Retweet interesting Tweets.
  • Post non-business comments on Facebook. 
  • Ask questions – such as what’s your favorite song, band, holiday destination, mobile/cell phone? etc. This is what people do in face-to-face social gatherings.
It’s called engagement, and engagement creates dialogue and depth of relationship.

Because so few people take the time and effort to undertake these actions, you’ll find that within a week or so you start to become a centre of influence within your community. People love it when they’re acknowledged and want to reciprocate. Friendships evolve and serendipity starts to weave its crazy impact.
Social networking is NOT just about optimizing keywords and creating a funnel for your list. SEO techniques are not the starting point of building a solid social network. The starting point is to share your unique personality, which will attract like-minded people like bees to honey.

Try it today – Maybe 'like' - 'comment' - 'retweet' this post just to get started! Lol!

Seriously though as George Bush might have said its not rocket surgery or brain science-but it works!



  1. It does undoubtedly work Kiaran. It's attending to those "little" things that elevates you to a position way above the "common" folk down below.

    Skillful application of these techniques will definitely achieve your end result for you - and that is...

    For people to start noticing you!

    So...if that's what you want, then start doing it right. Otherwise, why are you even there?

    Stay inspired,

  2. Hi Kiaran,

    Social networking is very powerful in building relationships.

    People buy from people they like and trust. So, you can allow complete strangers to get to know you better through social media.

    When people trust you and like what you have to offer, they will start selling themselves on to your products and services without you convincing them to do so.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

  3. Social Media gives you another way of doing business online. People have to know and trust you before they will join you in your venture or business.
    Wish you luck,

  4. Hi Kiaran,

    I've been so amazed by the quality friendships I've developed through syndicating content, commenting on blogs, and reading several blogs regularly. I feel like I'm really getting to know the authors and I'm enjoying that process very, very much. :)

    Excellent post, Kiaran!


  5. Hi Kiaran,

    excellent post. I just finished the book "Crush it!" by Gary Vaynerchuck. He nails it when saying that it's about legacy not currency. This goes along very well with the mindset reflected through your post.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  6. Hi Kiaran,

    Great post! I especially like your tips on engaging with people on the social networking sites. People need to know, like and trust you before they will join you in business.


  7. Kiaran,

    Great post. Social networking is a great way to connect. I have met some great people and connected with many leaders.

    Social networking is a great way for people to learn about each other. This builds the relationship much faster and you are able to trust the person because the information about them are right there.

    I love it for syndicating content. If you share your blog post and a friend shares it, their friend shares it.

    Think about the connections you can be making.

    Enjoy the day,
    Tommy D.

  8. Being active in Social media is very important - I liked how you said non-automated because I really think that is KEY to making social media work.

    We need to be present and really connect with people

    thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Kiaran, I enjoyed your post, which drove home a great lesson for me. While I post, it is generally about an inspirational quote, or someone's neat video. This is fine, too, but I have not shared enough of myself that people can know more about me.
    So thank you for the inspiration, because it really is all about building relationships that counts. And what a wonderful playground of the internet we have available to us. We can now make friends the world over!
    Looking forward to networking with you. Linda

  10. I agree Kiaran. It is about making friendships. Even if one has a large friend list on Facebook, it will only be possible to connect with a few.

    It is of course a 2 way process. If I find I am reaching out to people who just do not respond then I assume they do not really wish to connect.

    best wishes
    Charlie Holles

  11. Kiaran,
    One of the things I enjoy about blog comments on our blog is that it gives me a chance to interract with the people who have stopped by and left a note. They are like mini conversations in my day. It's the same for Facebook commenting and Twitter posts...being able to interract with others is what networking is all about. Otherwise, it's only broadcasting!

    Wishing you continued success,