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Monday, January 24, 2011

KB -Gold - Just Hype?

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There's some crazy commentary out there in cyber land debating whether or not the Western World is heading towards a 1920's financial meltdown - and I'm just not buying it. 

What intrigues me however is the degree of concern being expressed by some pretty savvy people, who study this sort of stuff.

Look I don't know if the US$ which has a mere l0% of its buying value from 100 years ago will continue to devalue - I also don't know if Gold will double or triple in value over the next decade - so excuse me if I don't buy in to the hysteria BUT... what I do know is that regardless of what scenario plays out - there is an absolute necessity for people to have some sort of secure savings plan -nest egg that can insure against whatever economic fluctuations to occur.

For me I'd like to have a few eggs in my investment/savings fund and not just cash. Property is usually pretty safe except who's got hundreds of thousands of dollars spare to play that game? Money under the bed? I don't think so - Look how much less your $100 Bill gets you today compared to 5 - 10 years ago.

Gold Savings? Maybe, but at $1300 an ounce that's a big ask - and what about the daily fluctuations in price - how do you pick the right time? I for sure don't know

What I like about KB - Gold has very little to do with all the stories of economic gloom and doom. I like the idea that my banking institution is not reaping the billions of dollars profit off of hard working citizens. I like that I can open a savings account that is backed by actual gold AND that I can cash it in at any time at spot gold prices. Oh and did I mention that I can set up a plan whereby I can purchase it in Kinebars. Kinebars? - yep that's unusual - that's like a really small unit of gold!! 

The real deal though is that unlike any other investment savings plan I can refer and promote the opportunity and earn a solid income without one cent coming out of the pockets of the purchasers. It's essentially a genuine wholesale program cutting out the middleman.

However all that is of no consequence UNLESS you know how to operate the business smoothly and effectively. That is why I'm involved. Personally I have no great love of MLM - sorry if that offends you. Franchises leave me a bit cold too - big risk and a lot of money out layed to the parent company

However you define this business plan or whatever label you give it - the way I see it is that you tune into a duplicateable no cost entry program operated by some of the smartest internet marketers online and just plagiarize! Ok maybe that's stretching it a tad - but you get my drift just copy what works.

To join KB-GOLD1 - that's me by the way! Just click on the Gold Bullion at the top and the rest will unfold - again forget the hype it's just an opportunity for goodness sake for us all to build a secure savings base and earn a great income along the way

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Cheers kiaran

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