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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking Your Financial Security Out Of The Hands Of Financial Institutions

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Your financial security is largely at the mercy of financial institutions

Very few of us will ever earn enough money that will allow us to SAVE our way into a comfortable retirement.

Pensions are at huge risk in many Western Economies, as life expectancy moves towards 90 years of age and retirement funding costs soar.

Atypical $180k home mortgage over 25 years (the average mortgage in Australia is nearly twice that) will pay the bank an estimated $400k including interest

This means you would have to earn over $500k before tax just to pay off a $180k home loan

Message? It’s good to be the bank BUT when economies over extend themselves and borrowings exceed the capacity to be repaid, then these same financial institutions can collapse requiring governments to bail them out and lifetime investor savings are put at risk.

How do we respond? DIVERSIFICATION!

Ideally a balanced portfolio of shares, property, cash, commodities such as Gold and Silver and for good measure a cash flow business that’s immune to major economic downturn
Phew! Is that all? Who’d have thought it would be that simple-of course I’m being facetious, How many hard working mere mortals have the capacity to own all or indeed any of the above?
So what do we do? Well, make a start…make a few decisions that involve taking hold of the reins of your life and start taking ACTION!

Click below to enter my members site and start on the journey towards financial security and insure yourself against the ebb and flows of the crazy times in which we live.
Did I mention that there’s no cost to take this next step, - actually there is an investment required and it’s an investment in TIME, taking the time to plan for the future and deciding who you want to work with in order to start making it happen for you

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