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Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Get the Job Of Your Dreams with little experience or qualifications

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As a Blog primarily focused on building passive income online, this post meanders in a different direction! 

One of the pre requisites to success is the attainment of a well adjusted mindset. One that is tuned in to and open to opportunity. 

Self confidence, and trust in the unseen forces at work when goals are written often seem to exist only in the domain of the work from home entrepreneur psyche. However these same attributes are equally important in the offline day to day pursuit of success.

Very few will become instant millionaires online. For most, the bread and butter consistency that a career offers means that it is important that the same ambition that drives your entrepreneurial dreams is also put in place in the pursuit of your dream job.

The video and Blog summary touch on some of the small but hugely significant actions you can take to out compete those with better credentials, such as age and work experience, and get the job of your dreams with relatively little work. 

The key is NOT the attainment of higher learning qualifications - in fact there is a point at which academic qualifications can even work against you. The real key to success is...... to become OUTSTANDING.

The Video above discusses some left of center ideas that are virtually guaranteed to absolutely make sure you do stand out and are remembered!

Below is my latest ezine article on the topic:

The job market can be extremely competitive and striving for your dream job may seem elusive, but that need not be the case.
The key strategy you will need to pursue and which will dramatically increase your odds of success is to find a way to stand out from the crowd. To be outstanding should be your goal.
How to separate yourself from better-qualified applicants:
  • Research the company thoroughly. Investigate as much as you can via trade journals, Google, YouTube and so forth.
  • Create a Blog based around this industry, and fill it with relevant content.
  • Request an interview with authorities within your chosen industry and offer to record and upload to YouTube and your Blog.
  • Call in to the offices of the business that you are hoping to join and see if you can get 5 minutes with the secretary to find out as much as you can about the position requirements.
  • Try and obtain the direct mobile or cell phone contact number of the decision maker, and then take the risk and initiative of calling them directly.
  • Be sure to communicate both your passion and enthusiasm for the job at every opportunity.
  • When submitting your curriculum vitae, add a little flair.  Direct the reader to your industry specific Blog and be sure to include the links to any websites or videos you have uploaded.
In conclusion, your goal should be, to get noticed. Create the first impression of being an authority in your chosen industry, regardless of whether you have the appropriate qualifications.
All interviews are a two way sales process and you need to have the posture of someone who is asking the questions and directing the process. 

If you do this well the tables will turn and the interviewer will be the one striving to earn your trust and and selling the job to you!
It is hard to over sell yourself, but in order to come across as authentic you will need to support your claims of competency with examples of your activity

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