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Monday, February 14, 2011

Social Media List Building

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So why exactly ARE you online? Me? Well I'm online to have fun, to connect with like minded people and to build a solid residual income in order to fund my travel and lifestyle pursuits -which incidentally do NOT include spending 40 hours a week for 40 years in an office - just to pay the bills and retire at 67 on a pension!

Aren't Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for connecting with friends, and NOT for the purpose of soliciting business?

Give me a break lol! If that were the case why on earth would people have thousands of connections with people they have never met and with whom they have virtually no common interests?

Personally I use Facebook almost exclusively for social activities and 'hide' those who continually bombard me with links to their business endeavors - BUT that doesn't change the fact that thousands are earning a very tidy income from marketing into these social networks. Twitter I'm kind of less picky about marketing into - that's the game

It's a free world and people interact how ever they please, just because we may not like it - that's the way of the world

Millions of people are now looking to escape the drudgery of often joyless careers and searching for a way to earn a living from home, preferably one that has low over heads and can be done from a lap top I Pod or PC in the comfort of their pyjamas and whilst in the company of the kids and loved ones.

These people are looking for like minded people to guide them and share common ideas. Yes they are also cross selling to each other as well but so what?

If you are new or even perhaps a veteran of online marketing and have been struggling to get traction and more specifically build a sizable targeted list then you could do worse than start by studying how to utilize the networks that you probably already use daily to assist you in making this a year to remember!

Click below for some great FREE insight into how you can build your own personally branded and credible identity and PROMOTE it to thousands of hungry and budding entrepreneurs. Did I mention that it's FREE to look?

You probably know that I run a couple of exciting online businesses and I'd love for you to join me but this post is not about any of that this is about learning how to build ANY business

PS: to connect click on the social media buttons on the side or pop over to my site at WWW.KIARANFINN.COM (where I also have a bunch of great FREE resources - most not requiring an opt in!)

Here's the link to the 5 Month Plan -

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