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Monday, August 15, 2011 - How URL Shorteners Work

Tweet It!
Presumably you have an online presence that involves driving traffic/clicks to an assortment of websites.

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the merits of having links to Twitter and Facebook Groups as well as one click access to PDF's

We now live in a world of ADHD information consumers, who have neither the patience or inclination to read vast tracts of content rich prose when there are dozens of immediately accesible distractions a mere click away.

If by some miracle a qualified prospect accidentally stumbles on to your site - they want and insisit on instant gratification.

Twitter for instance affords limited 140 characters for you to impart your broadcast. Many text links are almost that long! URL shortneners condense these ugly and messy links into a neat package.

A few years back TINYURL ruled but has been superceded. I like BIT.LY. You can analyze and track your clicks as well as personalize your links.

Here's an example: I recently offered a free download to my ebook/pdf 'Rip up the rule book' via my blog and twitter sites.

This is the original link:

No kidding - just looking at that makes you want to navigate away asap!

This is the new link:

Sure I could have shortened it further by having just a few random letters and numbers - but I like that it's easy to remember and has a better look and feel

PS: While I have your attention - I welcome all legitimate connections - I'm one click away via the Icons on the right!

Cheers Kiaran

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