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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Stuff Without an Opt In - Why?

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Do you feel that the whole reciprocity dance has been over done a tad? You know the game - here's a bunch of awesome FREE stuff - give us your name and email address and I'll give you instant access....and then annoy the hell out of you by sending you a constant stream of emails promoting every affiliate program under the sun?

OK I know I'm being a bit cynical and truth be told a little facetious with tongue planted in cheek!

Offering quality content does open the door to developing trust and helping to build relationships, and most of the 60-70 lists that I've opted in to were due to the lure of some tidbit of value. 

Now I hope I'm not being hypocritical, as I do have some programs that require a minor 'commitment' before I share content but for the 90% of my readers who chose not to take this step I do want to cement my relationship with them by offering quality stuff that will build some loyalty.

Enough of the talk! Here's the link to my treasure trove of REAL substantive marketing gems AND it's accessible by all with a simple CLICK and DOWNLOAD - 18 PDF's and countless videos - nearly all of which would require you jumping on a list just to get access to ONE!

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