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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why do 97% of online marketers FAIL and what are the 3% doing differently?

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Big blog title but unambiguous I hope!
It’s definitely NOT intelligence – We all know really smart often eccentric types wandering around in odd socks looking disshevled and not entirely on the same wave length as the rest of the world. Apologies of course if that’s you!!
It’s probably got little to do with hard work – there’s a whole generation that might disagree with that comment but in the world we live today there as so many fewer obstacles to success than in days of yore.
President Obama and Hilary Clinton have certainly shown that opportunity at the highest level can be attained regardless of ethnicity and sex (I’m not saying it’s equal opportunity )
Read Tim Ferriss’ book ‘The 4 Hour Week’ for an eye opening look at how the power of leverage impacts on effectiveness and can allow many to live a laptop lifestyle poolside!
Let’s not go through an inexhaustible list of phantom reasons for failure –
What are the Key Distinctions that really make the difference
Massive Action powered by an energy and mindset of unbridled focus will surely help BUT for most of us mere mortals who perhaps don’t measure up to the Tony Robbins of this world – this is not an innate trait
OK are you ready for the reveal!
You need a targeted LIST! Not 4-5 friends or anonymous Twitter connections but 10K or 20K opt in subscribers.
You need a marketing funnel to tap into the list

That’s pretty much it!
I’m guessing at this point you’re ready to throw something at the dog….’cause this probably doesn’t help!
Look, all jokes aside – that’s it – really.
Relying on organic traffic to find your beautiful website and then expecting a significant number to click and purchase something on a first visit – is, well a bit delusional – Sorry
It doesn’t really matter what you are selling – as long as you have a list to tap into.
If I have a list of 10k who are interested in handyman activities (hint: perhaps they subscribe to similar magazines) – you could pretty much promote any new fangled DIY device to this list via an email and sell a truck load.
The Problem is that too many people are focused on trying to find a product or business to market instead of…..
The Solution – finding a market and then selling them what they are passionate about
Of course you will need to invest some time and energy learning and applying the skills to make it happen but you can save yourself a ton of wasted time chasing rabbits and end up with nothing
Master these two skills and you will earn 100 times that of a phd graduate!!


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