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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Market on Facebook!

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I was going to do a comprehensive Blog on the phenomenon that is Facebook advertising but I felt that it would be too hard to keep it as short and concise as I usually strive for.
So here’s a brief introduction and I’d invite you to click through below to find out more. 
The training video is absolutely FREE 50 minutes of pure value – so after the preview pop your details in the box for instant access.
Unless you’ve done a Rip Van Winkle and slept through the last 6 years you’ll be familiar with Facebook.
What many are unaware of however is the power of this Website to generate an awesome amount of highly targeted traffic to virtually any marketing campaign.
Already Facebook is threatening to surpass Google as a search engine and consequently the opportunity to take advantage of its marketing power is just becoming apparent.
Some facts:
January 2006 Facebook had 1 Million members – the size of a medium sized city.
January 2008  70 million members – more than the population of the UK!
January 2010  400 million members The size of a continent!
July 2010       500 million members
The speed of growth has meant that it is still relatively untapped and early  marketing adopters can absolutely capitalise and profit from learning and applying the skills required to market on this platform
Click on the Pic below

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