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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leveraging Social Media For Business

Tweet It!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Internet was seen as a non-commercial platform –really!
As the likes of Facebook and Twitter have become ubiquitous – so has the gradual shift towards monetization.

Social and business interactions have never been mutually exclusive. People love to buy stuff and perhaps even more so they love to broadcast and ‘show off’ their Bling and eye for fashion taste! Where better to conduct this exercise than online?
Many businesses are taking the concept of late adoption to ridiculous extremes.
How many times have you heard (admittedly by middle aged folks!) the banal comment “I just don’t get Twitter/Facebook/Blogging…etc?
Seriously if you don’t get it – then be prepared to get left behind. Never in the history of commerce has word of mouth been so powerful. WOM does not happen by accident.
Embrace the greatest FREE communication medium in history and be astounded.
Your business and personal brand will ultimately  be a factor of ENGAGEMENT – VALUABLE CONTENT and AUTHENTICITY

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