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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Problem With List Building

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Every Internet Marketer who's had any success Online will attribute a significant portion of it to the power of their list. That said, the balance between building massive anonymous lists versus mutually beneficial connections has become blurred

This post was prompted by a video I recently watched that explained how an Online  Marketer had built a list of 80 000 Twitter 'followers'.  This part-time Online Marketer was obviously a successful list builder, but my question is this: Is this style of marketing really sustainable or duplicateable?

There is a whole industry being built around the Twitter phenomenon. Build a massive following, then sell an Ebook explaining how you did it. The issue is that if everyone had 10 0000 followers and they all tweeted just once per week, then you would be receiving 1 new Tweet per minute, for 24 hours per day! It is physically and mentally impossible to even read these tweets, never mind actually engage.

This is not a criticism of Twitter I have a relatively small 'following" of 1500 or so, and even that's barely manageable.

My message is this: despite the teachings of the big players Online, that you need to build a list as fast as possible, the reality for all but the most experienced marketers is that you will probably gain infinitely more from trying to build connections and relationships first.

This might seem a bit wet and unexciting, but the pay off is very different. Connections are made and maintained with people who share similar interests and mindsets. They are generally two way relationships.

I'm Online for 3 reasons: To have fun, to build relationships with like-minded people, and to make money. I have no interest in trying to solicit every man and his dog, to read my Blogs, join my Mentoring Program or partner with me in my Online Businesses. That essentially is the domain of direct sales, and many frustrated MLMers still use this approach today. I believe that 95% of the people you know or meet randomly have no interest in your thoughts, business opportunity or Online activities, and it diminishes your posture and self esteem to be pitching to these people.

Of the hundreds of millions of people currently Online right now, I have the ability to connect meaningfully with maybe a couple of 100, that's it. I believe in the Law of Attraction, though don't understand it. ( If you want to mess with your grey matter, read up a little on Quantum Physics, it provides the briefest of insights into an unfathomable dimension that hints at how everything in the Universe at a sub-atomic particle level is connected, and the profound consequences that has on our lives)

It may take a little longer to build meaningful relationships but the pay off I believe is ultimately a lot more worthwhile.

Sorry for the mid Blog ramble-if anything I've said resonates, then don't be shy to connect, I do connect back.

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