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Monday, October 19, 2009

Which Online Marketers Do I Study?

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Let me say from the outset I don't give unwavering icon status to any Online 'guru's'. The biggest issue I had to face when I started my online marketing journey was trying to distill the torrent of information available into something I could work with and adapt to my style.

I have taken some good knowledge from some of the following, but also I have rejected some of the strategies of many of them as well. No style is 100% duplicateable, despite what you'll hear pitched, there is no such thing as a complete auto-pilot system. It is important to adapt to a style that matches your personality. Ultimately you will be attracting people similar to yourself into your circle, and unless you're authentic, you'll project yourself as a fake. People are attracted to people who they like and trust.

If you're a deep thinking analytical professorial type, then it's probably best not to try morphing into a Jerry Seinfeld! If your passion in life is remote bush walking, you may not want to mimic your marketing teacher's passion for Fast Cars. Adapt to the style of the industry leader that you most identify with. then apply it to your specific venture.

O.K then, here are some of the Online Marketers and Mentors that I've studied. My observations are simply my personal view and not specifically an endorsement or criticism either way.

Motivation and Personal development;

Anthony Robbins. His style is pure showman and ego driven. He's big, loud, confident and infectious. His motivational style is based on creating instant high energy, and adapting NLP strategies to create change. When I need a pick me up I'll pop onto YouTube for a quick couple of video views then I'm back. 

John Assaref. He's a little similar to A.R but not so caffeine infused! He's pretty accessible and offers a lot of good content through various Online Sites. I've linked to his Facebook fan club, and his updates are pretty good.

Brian Tracy. Probably the least hyped success trainer around. B.T is all about logic, and understanding fundamental Principles, and how to apply them to your life. His books are more inspiring than his video clips though. Sorry Brian!

Internet Marketers:
Ewan Chia. If you're trying to figure out affiliate marketing, then E.C is your man. He has become a legend in the industry in a pretty short time. Personally however I find his delivery a bit too academic. His information is faultless, but I'm guessing it's a hard brand for most newbie's to duplicate. As a resource for specific marketing techniques though, I'd definitely recommend.

Frank Kern; Another contemporary legend. Again he has a very particular style and delivery. He communicates somewhat in parables with the spirituality of a born surfer. Quite profound at times, and charismatic, and very visual. I haven't got into his mind movie stuff, but many of the top producers in the world of Information Marketing acknowledge him as an inspiration.

Maria Andross. A totally different style of marketer. Maria is the queen of personal branding and utilizes YouTube phenomenally well to promote her ventures.

Mike Dillard. Revolutionized the Direct Marketing industry. M.D is a no b.s straight shooter. Definitely not warm and cuddly. To sum up his philosophy: 'The key to effective marketing is to promote and sell a GENERIC solution and system, instead of your business opportunity.

Matt Bacek and Shaun Casey. Big list builders and Joint Venture specialists. If you opt in be prepared to get daily blasts of links to different programs and opportunities. Very successful but probably a bit too far removed from new marketers who could feel overwhelmed by the volume of output.

Adam Wong and Adam Khoo. Youthful cool style. A.W recently published an easy to read book 'Lucky Bastard' that demystifies the Information marketing industry.

Darren Gaudry. Likeable and laid back Australian. Sails close to the wind at times with an equal number of fans and critics. His style is adrenalin fueled big copywritten pitches. A dream builder who has moved rapidly from one business to the next. Usually nails it and pretty accessible, but his style with respect is a little used car salesman-like and not everyone's cup of tea. Effective nevertheless.

Damiam Benko and Stuart Ross. Turnkey Mentors who take the mentoring component seriously. Strong on showing their people 'how to' systems rather than simply launching programs and then moving on to the next big thing. Pretty accessible via Facebook and their 'Inner Circle' membership club.

Ken Evoy of Site Buildit. A different style of marketing. Very slow and purposeful. Probably the best resourced site building program, but maybe best suited to hobbiests and those prepared to build slow and methodically. Low on hype high on information.

Joe Vitale. For Copywriting and Ebook publishing, very highly respected with an engaging style.

Jim Cockburn. If Ebay is your thing then L.B author of the 'Silent Sales Machine' is a great mentor to hook up with.

Jennie Armato. Easy to relate to 'The Godmother of Web Business' communicates simply and is well respected as a mentor in affiliate marketing.

Brett McFall. Another Aussie who communicates in a simple laid back manner. Copywriting specialist and seminar leader.

There are thousands of potential teachers and mentors Online. They all have their own styles. A word of warning though. Trying to tap into too many programs can be a road to oblivion and distraction. Pick a few resources that you're comfortable with. Find a program that is simple and duplicateable and tune into a system that you feel comfortable enough to endorse and promote. Then build your own authentic brand.

Be Inspired!!

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