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Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Month Plan -Lead Capture Pages

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The Pre launch of my 5 Month Plan (to be revealed later - and No it is NOT a paid program) includes strategies designed to build ANY online marketing program FASTER than 99% of participants in these programs will ever do following traditional systems.

That's another story though! Here's the deal. Internet Marketing is NOT easy! Despite what you were probably taught by your sponsor, most programs require sweat, blood and often a lot of heartache just to break even.

This is rarely a factor of the compensation plan or products and services. The problem is that few marketers realize what is involved to get in to that elusive 3% that hit home runs.

The big issue is that few programs are actually seamlessly duplicateable. Most people join Internet Marketing businesses in order to create leverage - so that they can work LESS hours and earn residual incomes off the volume of a team. 

Here's the biggest flaw in the plan. It's just too complicated.
Ask yourself this question: could a 10 year old or a 70 year old duplicate your actions? If not - then you're limiting your leverage dramatically.

KISS- yes we all know what the acronym stands for many actually dedicate their efforts to following the principle. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

Here's an introduction to a topic that frustrated me for a long time - LEAD CAPTURE PAGES

Most businesses have a link to a company lead capture page - but many lack that ability to really brand your unique flavor and personality into the mix. 

Below are two very simple lead capture pages to two of my programs. They are very different and both took less than 5 minutes to create! 

I have also offered a link to my YouTube channel - that shows how simple and effective floating forms really are. 

The real kicker however is that there are a myriad of marketing systems that are virtually imperative to your business growth that individually would cost literally $1000's to set up plus countless hours trying to figure out....

well here's the thing you can actually get it all PLUS $1100+ of crazy good downloads for ....FREE - yes really

Here are the links:

YouTube Floating Form (will only show one time per day)

Landing Page:  How It all works plus $1100 bonuses just for checking out

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  1. Hi Kiaran,

    That's an interesting way to look at it. If a 10 or 70 year old can't do it, it's not quite as duplicatable as we would have thought.

    You're right though, internet marketing is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to before you start making real money.