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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rip Up the Rule Book!

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 This is a short Post - if you'd like to comment and click on the link below - it's the first draft of my E Book 'Rip Up the Rule Book' a compilation of Blog observations and some alternate perspectives. Feedback appreciated - looking for an E book cover if anyone's got some ideas...

It really isn’t hard to be outstanding.
If you have a business I have no interest in seeing your posts on my Facebook wall every hour of everyday!
A comment however raving about one of my Blogs syndicated to your Wall and Retweeted – then WOW you’ve got my attention – you must be so cool!
In fact you seem so remarkable I’m probably feeling motivated to click onto your INFO that no one looks at and probably click on to your site to see what you’re all about.
Next time you make an interesting observation I’ll feel strangely compelled to comment positively!

It's funny how being interested is so much more powerful than trying to impress......
Free download first draft E Book -Click Below


  1. Hi Kiaran,

    You're very accurate in your short post. I LOVE connecting with people who make a comment or connect with me and I've made some pretty awesome friends by connecting with them through their blog as well.

    Syndicating great content is awesome, and a nice way to "feed your list" but to build it you've got to be a friend to have friends, as the saying goes!

    Great job...Looking forward to downloading your ebook and reading it! :)


  2. Hi Kiaran,

    thanks for sharing your draft freely. Seems to be a thought-provoking ebook. I woudn't have expected anything else. Looking forward to reading it.

    Take care


  3. Hi Kiaran,

    Oh yes, people don't find us interesting until they find us interested. It's funny how that works.

    This is one more good reason to become a fan of others FIRST. Trying to find fans, trying to gain readers, it's a whole lot tougher when we don't become fans and become readers of others first.

    Thanks for pointing this out!


  4. Aloha Kiaran, we all can use some positive input and expressions. Thanks for sharing!

    PS..come by and share a sweet comment. The benefits are sharing is caring. Mahalo! :)

  5. You said it Kiaran.

    Attention seeking and piping up with 'me-me-me' stuff never really works.

    Give as you would like to be given to is a far better and more wholesome plan.

    Like it mate, and look forward to the book.


  6. Ana/ Traffic Generation CafeOctober 7, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    Hello Kiaran,

    You absolutely got a point there. Thanks for sharing a very honest post.

    I am so excited to read your book.



  7. Direct and poignant as always! I'm looking forward to reading your book. :)

  8. Hey great post, going over to finish reading your ebook, looks and sounds pretty cool. thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Kiaran,

    Short and directly to the point. Like your post and look forward to reading your ebook.

    Mike Sweeney

  10. Going to download your ebook. Sounds entertaining.

  11. So true, so true! Its funny how when someone shows you some comment love or helps syndicate you info you want to return the favor. Nice post!