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Friday, August 13, 2010

Richard Bandler Reveals his NLP secrets - Book Review

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The foundations of the modern Personal Development industry were quarried out of a new world view and away from traditional Freudian analysis.

Through the codifying of behavior to identify what works, why it works, and how it works, a new path was forged with the objective of facilitating change, not by virtue of hours of talk and endless questioning, but instantaneous change born out of simple techniques.

This new direction was manifested in the NLP movement of the late '70's. Change is rarely universally popular, particularly if it confronts the very fabric of a lucrative, if somewhat arcane industry. That industry was traditional psychology.

The first superstar of this movement was uber-celebrity, Coach to the stars, Author, and Seminar leader extraordinaire, Anthony Robbins. Love him or hate him, his impact is powerful and ubiquitous, and he will go down as one of the great salesmen of his generation.

This Review however is not about Mr Robbins, but the rather less known, though hugely respected in his field, Richard Bandler. Bandler co-founded Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with John Grinder and coached the likes of Robbins who then packaged, rebranded and sold it to the world.

GET THE LIFE YOU WANT will be looked on as the bible of NLP. Bandler is an innovator, a doer, a worker bee and queen bee at the same time. He is not however an entertainer. This book strips the mysticism, magic and psycho babble from this oft derided "behavioral technology". Ironically one of his earlier masterpieces was titled the THE STRUCTURE OF MAGIC

There is no strong premise to the book. Rather Bandler ascribes to the Keep It Simple lesson. His assertions are all backed up by practical examples of his methodology and results. The key message is that desired change; change of attitude, elimination of Phobias, eliminating emotional baggage, changing beliefs and overcoming any number of obstacles, does not need to be a gradual process. Change can and should be quick.

He contends that all beliefs, fears, addictions, worries and self doubt are learned, and therefore can be unlearned. The key is to mirror and model the thought processes, breathing patterns, posture, and physiology of those that are better adapted.

Phobias are a mentally created fear and mostly can be eliminated by "noticing" the thought processes that precede the utter fear. The question is asked "how do you get in to that state?" 'what do you think about and focus on to create the fear?" "what is the voice in your head saying preceding this fear?" Now let's look at how non-phobics react in the same situations. Notice what's different and mirror it.

This is a book about the techniques that produce results. Good and bad. Even the cynically minded will feel somewhat seduced by the actual stories of profound success, and the speed of change.

A more diluted presentation of the world of NLP than Anthony Robbins' best seller "UNLIMITED POWER". From the Granddaddy of NLP, this is a remarkably clear introduction, and unadulterated with academic references, as one might have expected from a lifetime scientist. As they say if you only ever read one book on the topic, this is probably it. Big title, little hype. 

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  1. Hey Kiaran,

    I remember the TR tapes where he was talking about changing neural pathways.This book by Richard Bandler sounds like an excellent read.

    Thanks for the review,


  2. Hi Kiaran,

    you are right, I haven't known this book yet, but it seems to be worth reading according to your review. Finding out the reasons of our programmed fears is worth any effort.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  3. Hi Kiaran,

    Very interesting. I had never heard of this gentleman before. You did an awesome review. Sure makes you want to hurry up and pick up a copy immediately.

    Nicely done!


  4. Hi Kiaran,

    I never heard of this gentlemen before. I never did get a chance to get into NLP, although a part about me still does.

    I think you just encouraged me to check it out again.

    Thanks much...
    Jerome Ratliff

  5. NLP is such an interesting topic and I'm fascinated by it. Thanks for introducing me to Get the Life You Want...I'll be adding that to my reading list for sure!

    Great review, Kiaran!


  6. Great review Kiaran.

    What I do not like about NLP is when internet marketers call me on the phone and use sales techniques based on NLP.

  7. Hey Kiaran,

    Great job with this review!

    Have a great weekend...

  8. Awesome review, Kiaran.

    Yes, I haven't read this book yet.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

  9. Sounds like the kind of "keep it simple" book I'd like to read...(sigh) if I ever get to it.

    Loved your review, Kiaran; you always find something brilliant to ponder about.

    Ana Hoffman

  10. Hi Kiaran,
    I love your post and NLP. I first got introduced to it when I did Inner Child Counselling and then expanded on it when I did Tony Robbins Unlimited power course. I recommend it to anyone.
    Have you thought of affiliating with Amazon, so the books you recommend could bring you an income?

    Have a fantastic week.

  11. Great recommendation Kiaran,

    Richard Bandler is indeed the Grand-daddy of this stuff. If anyone knows how to re-wire the human brain without chemical assistance, it's him. I'll head over to amazon and get one now. Awesome!


  12. I agree with your post Kiaran.

    I think it is not healthy to a business when you seem to follow what most of the businesses are doing these days. You can use some strategies that you think can really help your business grow but you should always consider doing different things.

    Ana Hoffman