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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wake up and Smell the Roses-Coffee-Chocolates-The Life Balance Paradox

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Why is it that so many people love Fridays yet don’t like Mondays? This is not a trick question, as the answer perhaps seems obvious.

Many millions of commuters identify the daily grind of competing with the masses as a necessary evil in the pursuit of the wherewithal to pay for life’s bare necessities.

The weekend however provides the opportunity to indulge in social activities. Catching up with friends for drinks, coffee, meals and good banter. Perhaps to pursue hobbies and crafts. Paint landscapes, re-build old cars, write the grand novel go for long treks with loved ones whilst contemplating the marvel of life.

The reality of course is somewhat different. Monday comes around all too quick. The weekend is spent cleaning, gardening, taking kids to sport, paying the bills, catching up on the news and worrying about work.

Is your work complementing your life or getting in the way of family time and meaningful endeavors. Are you energized, enthused, motivated and empowered or stressed, frustrated, constantly tired, and on edge? If so surely there’s got to be another way. Is the alternative to work, the pursuit of a hippy life on some commune?

Millions of people are now searching for alternate solutions to the 40-hour week x 40 years to retirement existence that will be the default life for the masses.

The exciting news is that we currently live in the midst of greater opportunity and accessibility to knowledge than ever before in the history of the human race. There are more choices available regarding how to spend our time and earn a living than we can count.There are people working in their pajamas at home earning more money and spending less time doing it than most of their friends spend just commuting to and from their labour of love

One of the great paradoxes of life, is that so many will spend their precious and finite hours in quiet desperation working to a plan that if successful will not even provide them with their desires.

Life balance is precious. There are alternate ways to live your life.
 Change jobs. Learn a new language. Live abroad for a year. Work from home. Try something new. Just do something different once in awhile! 


  1. Fantastic post Kiaran, I enjoyed it immensely.

    I am going to quote you one day soon :)

    "so many will spend their precious and finite hours in quiet desperation working to a plan that if successful will not even provide them with their desires"

  2. Great post, Kiaran!

    Thankfully, my Corporate days of working long hours, reporting to a boss and meeting deadlines are over as I work my business from home.

    I get to spend quality time with my family and on the things that really matter!

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

  3. Dreadful!

    How do people live like that? Granted, not everyone is cut to have a business. My husband is very happy going to work every day.

    However, the fact that I work from home makes our life style incredibly better.

    Thanks for the post, Kiaran.

    Ana Hoffman

  4. Great post Kiaran. I love your last line "Just do something different once in awhile" Isn't that the truth? You might want to consider adding Onlywire so more people can share you're posts.


  5. Hey Kiaran,

    What's really crazy is some people will NEVER wake up and smell the coffee, then find it's way too late.

    Excellent reminder.

    Have a good day,
    Jerome Ratliff

  6. Hi Kiaran,

    You make some great points.

    For those that are miserable working a regular, 9-5 job, this is a great alternative which has so much to offer.

    However, it's not for everyone. My husband loves his job and hasn't agreed yet to "retiring" early. I'm hoping to change his mind over the next couple of years. ;)

    Great post!


  7. I share the same situation as Ana and amazes me that some people actually prefer the 9-5 drudgery...we should do a study on the "opposites attract" theory for husbands and wives who work online. Carpe diem!

  8. Hi Kiaran,

    I've come to realize that not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. There are individuals that just don't want anything to do with a business. What I say to them...Thank You for what you are doing because someone has to do it.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend...

  9. Hi Kiaran,

    wow, what a great conclusion of your post:"One of the great paradoxes of life, is that so many will spend their precious and finite hours in quiet desperation working to a plan that if successful will not even provide them with their desires." That is simply the truth.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care

  10. 第一忠誠,第二勤奮,第三專心工作。..................................................

  11. Kiaran,

    This post really makes you think. I have a full time job and never thought I would have a business.

    During 9/11 I was a first responder for communications where I spent three years and working 90+ hours a week.

    It slowly changed the way I looked at work. 9/11 happened and got married in November. I had two children and the next three years and was working toward my MBA.

    My wife started our business and that is when I "smelled the roses". Here we are three years later and I am building.

    I have had my ups and downs, but you know what it is not too late. It has been a boxing match with the ups and downs of the MLM world.

    I have never given up and boy did I hit it with a mean left hook.

    It is great to build knowing that you have worked so hard to build it from the ground up.

    Thanks for the great post, really enjoyed it.

    Tommy D.

  12. Hi Kiaran,
    We love to meet and interact with people like you who truly get it. You did a great job of describing the huge differences between the status quo and doing something different.
    It is so sad that the masses don't even really know what they are missing since they don't think they can make a change. But that's what life is all about - making changes over and over until you are truly fulfilled.
    Again, I really enjoyed your well-written post and look forward to more!
    Dawn and Dave

  13. Kiaran,

    Man you really struck a nerve this is a topic that stays on my mind a lot.
    Not in a worrisome way but I always ponder am I doing enough to get on the huge tidal that is here and the bigger one that is coming.
    I just the love the business, the technology everything it's about and I want to earn my retirement doing it.

    Like your style
    Steve Shoemaker