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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Build Your Brand BEFORE You Build Your Business!

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There's a contradiction between what we were taught as kids, that is; to be modest and listen don't speak etc. Well that might work as a parenting strategy but it's the kiss of death in business and even more so if you're building an online business.

Everyday literally thousands of people are starting online ventures. Some will plod along buying E-Books and signing up to countless affiliate programs before eventually sighing and heading back to the relative safety and predictability of the weekly pay. Others will achieve successes beyond their imagination and proceed to live 5 star lives of fun and excitement.

Is there a common denominator between the latter and the former? Invariably both are in the same market place. Presumably both have access to the same information resources ie: Google and yet.....

My firm belief is as follows. It doesn't make any difference what online venture you pursue unless you have a recognizable and accessible Online Brand/Profile.

You might live in a trailer without a pair of shoes to your name, yet have a significant online brand. 

Why is this so important, and consequently be the area where you focus your initial efforts?

Whatever business you join and attempt to pitch to me, it is unlikely I'll join you unless.....I feel like I know and trust you, and feel like you have credibility. What I will do, alas to your misfortune, is Google your opportunity, that you've spent time and money getting in front of me, and possibly join someone else. Ouch!!

That's just not fair, is it? The good news however is that you can position your self on the right side of this equation and reap untold benefits. How?

The Internet is still expanding at a colossal speed and everyday more people are jumping on board, with no idea how to market themselves. This leaves a big gap that you can fill. All you need to do is position yourself as an authority on something and become ubiquitous on the search engines in this niche.

What happens if I Google your name? Alternatively what happens if I Google your business opportunity name-does your name come up on the same page?

Don't be intimidated by the term 'authority'. In the offline world you may have to acquire a PHD in some obscure field of research to attain this elevated status, followed incidentally with a subsistence income thereafter! Online however the story is different. All you actually need, is to have ACCESS to information and be found.

Your first steps to Branding You Inc!

Establish your Niche area of interest that you wish to monetize.  Garden Gnomes for instance. Do some research, join some forums add some comments and add a link back to your Blog.

I have a Blog on this subject in the archive you might want to look at. this obviously is a blog and it's not too flash is it!? But that's OK, simple is good, AND simple is found by the search engines.

For example I have another very simple Blog called Over 40s Online: If you type those keywords OVER 40s BLOGGING in to Google you will find almost 2 BILLION results! Guess what? My basisc Blog ranks #2 and #3 on page 1.

So what? What it means is that if I type in Garden Gnomes I need to see YOU on page 1. If that's my area of interest I'll click on your Blog and read your stuff. I may Bookmark your site and return periodically. one day I may do a You-tube search (now the #2 behind Google) and again I see your name and a 2 minute video you shot in your backyard discussing, you guessed it, Garden Gnomes.

Oh did I mention Facebook? Twitter? Youbuzz? Ezine Articles? etc Don't be put off. These all have at least one thing in common. They are FREE. Incredibly easy to participate in and contribute to you building your brand. 

On the increasingly tiresome Garden Gnome analogy. You'll find those with similar interests will seek you out and befriend you on these social networks. They will share information and resources and before long your voice will start to rise above the din. 

Then you can venture into creating simple websites. Again I have a recent Blog on how easy this actually is. Not like a few years ago when you had to be a nerd to accomplish web creation. You can even start selling E-Books, created by others simply by linking to other sites with an affiliate tag.

Businesses come and go, but when you get to the point where a couple of dozen then maybe 100+ join your Tribe or Community, they will follow your lead and recommendations as you proceed down different paths and then the whole game and your position in it changes forever..

Hope I haven't rambled on too much. 90% of the content in my Blog is to assist relative newcomers and those who have struggled Online, to assist them get their ventures up and going. 10% is about recommending my particular programs. I want to keep that ratio. If you'd like to partner up with me now or sometime in the future that's great but if not I welcome you to return for regular content rich resources and worthwhile 'freebies' as I find them.

Any comments are valued and I welcome you to visit me on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube

Cheers Kiaran
Mile High Living

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