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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does Ezine Advertising Really Work?

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If you run any type of business whether on or offline your success will be determined by demand and supply. I'll assume that there is a demand for your service-so the next question is 'How do you find your market?' Walk by traffic as in a major city center is great but does come at a premium which is high rental costs for premises. If you work from home and/or online, then walk by traffic won't cut it! Now you need effective advertising.

Word of mouth is great but it takes time to create a virul buzz. Generating attention via social networking sites and ezine article writing and posting comments on forums etc is effective for generating 'free' traffic-why the brackets? Well its not entirely free is it. How much is your TIME worth? $5 per hour-$50 per hour? More? 

To create a waterfall of attention rather than a slow trickle will require a paid marketing strategy.

I'm currently trialing an Ezine advertising strategy that I've been researching. I'll be the guinea pig if you like. Working with a relatively small budget I'm getting one of my businesses on to a whole bunch of Ezines with high subscriber rates. I will experiment with this strategy for the next 4 weeks and let you know the results.

For more details leave a comment below or Twitter or Facebook me.

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Cheers Kiaran

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