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Friday, January 1, 2010

Free Traffic? Here's a neat intro to generating some quality traffic (Plus Free E-Book)

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I use Link Referral  for some pretty decent results-check it out for free-nothing to lose and potentially some additional traffic to your site-

The second resource that I recommend is Directory of Ezines (click Here for an excellent FREE E-book) which is a relatively inexpensive and extremely targeted form of advertising.

And finally another free source of advertising is with Free Advertising Blog there is an upgrade of course that may well be worth trying out.

There are a lot of sharks and snake oil sales shysters online and I only use traffic generation strategies that have been recommended to me by those I trust and consequently I only recommend these in my Blogs. Reinventing the wheel can be an expensive excercise as can learning from your mistakes.

I will be blogging on this shortly but if you're keen to kick off the new year fast then these are two resources to get your teeth in to.

Google Ad Words can be very useful also-if you know what you're doing but I'd advise caution as your advertising budget can disappear quicker than playing double up on the roulette tables in Vegas.

Good Luck!  Kiaran 

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