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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Building Your Personal Brand Online

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The biggest mistake Newbie Online Marketers make is promoting the brand of their current business opportunity instead of themselves.

People are attracted to people not to anonymous business brands. You need to sell 'You Inc' before you start touting your opportunity.

Why? Because if your opportunity turns out to be a turkey and you need to start over your personal brand will allow you to regroup much quicker. It may take time but your ability to be ubiquitous in your industry garners trust and hepls you establish yourself as a leader, which is imperative if you want longevity.

It takes a few seconds to do a Google search. That's what people are doing now to facilitate their decision making and purchasing activities. This will grow in relevance exponentially, and if you and your business do not show up, then your relevance is seriously compromised.

How do you get found by Google? It's not very hard.

Get some activity happening in some or all of the following FREE online forums. Click the links below to get started on any of these sites in literally minutes.

Ezine Articles-Submit some content on any subject relevent to your Niche
Blogger-Add daily or weekly commentary as above
Wordpress-As above
Youtube-Easier than you might imagine. Is changing the way people market themselves
Facebook-Like it or not-Social networking is here to stay
Twitter-As above
Weebly-If possible register your Name as a Domain and launch your free Weebly Website in 20 minutes.

Creating an Online presence doesn't take long but can have a profound impact on your ability to network and leverage your reputation into any number of opportunities.

Dip your toe in the water and see if you like it!

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