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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ezine Articles Versus Blogging To Spread Your Message?

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You may have stumbled onto this as a result of a Google search. Potentially thousands of people are currently Online this very minute searching for information about something of interest to you.

If you have a web presence then you have a chance of being found. Interestingly from unlikely far flung places. Only 2% of my visitors are from Australia!

Two very effective and free strategies to connect with people of like minded or 'niche' interests is via the forum of Blogs or Ezines. This is a blog so that is self evident. What exactly is an Ezine?

An Ezine is similar except for the fact it's less integrated. An Ezine is a stand alone article on a specific topic that is more information focused than the conversational style of a Blog. conventional wisdom suggests that the ideal size of an Ezine article is kept between 350 and 600 words. Short and concise. Literary style is less emphasized but some grammatical fluency is required. if you write in text-lingo you'll almost certainly have your articles declined.

The good news however is that the folks over at are great at helping you refresh some of those lost lessons in essay writing!

A key component and resource that can enable you to attract vistors to your website or blog is the resource box at the bottom of the article. You cannot use the articles as a sales page to solicit business, however you can give a two or three line description of your profile and a couple of links to your sites.

After you have had 30 or so articles accepted you get a status upgrade which i won't go into here but there are some benefits to creating a small body of work. There is also the matter of credibility. once you've had a few articles accepted you can brand yourself as a recognized Ezine author.

Below are a few random articles I've had published. Most only took maybe 20 minutes to put together and some have received hundreds of views and been republished on other forums. 

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