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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Get To Page #1 On Google for Your Name or Business-Free!

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No this isn't an exercise in naval gazing, rather a question that is becoming increasingly relevant by the day for those in business-Online or Offline. Like it or not if I meet you at a party and you mention your business, if I have even a modicum of interest I'll Google the business name AND wait for it-YOU!

We're becoming increasingly time poor with a million distractions and the quickest way to get a perspective or angle on something is to see how they are represented by that behemoth that is Google.

There was a quote attributed to Napoleon, in reply to a comment that his fame would be fleeting stated:
Fame may last but a short while but obscurity is forever

On a personal level you may choose to be obscure but from a business point of view it is a terminal condition. I know of large companies that are great at what they do and provide great customer service but....they are on a very slippery slope, because they have virtually no online presence. If I Google them, I will however enter the world of their competitors, who will pitch a similar service and more than likely 'steal' some business.

You are a brand. Brands have relevance only to the degree of their viability. If you have a Facebook or Twitter following of 1000, that's great for your social standing, and may spill into some business, but essentially they are social networking sites not primarily business building forums. 

The good news however is that it is incredibly easy to get listed on Page 1 of Google under your name, unless you have a very common one, simply by getting your Profile on to as many sites as possible.

Definitely get your profile on any sites you're currently using, with links to your websites or blogs etc.

Set up a few article submission site profiles. EG: Ezine Articles. You can copy and paste and hence reduce the time involved to just a few minutes. I've just started using Self ready made template full of useful resources, which is free and will get you noticed by Google. Blogspot has got me to #1 on various high competition searches. A couple of really simple Blogs-just like this infact can get your name out there very quickly. For example:

If you Google my name, which has a slightly unusual spelling you will see the effectiveness of this strategy. None of it involves paid advertising. 

Over 40s Blogging-Page #1-Versus competition of 2 billion web pages!
Over 40s online-#1-Page 1-Versus competition of 6.7 million
over 40s online marketing-#1-Page 1-Versus competition of 18.8 million.
Kiaran Finn-first 4-5 Pages almost exclusively.
Your Net Biz Australia-#1 and #2-Page 1-Versus competition of 800k

The above is not representative of monetized value, but it does show how just a little focused effort can get you in front of more searchers than many a big organization, with massive misspent advertising budgets.

Please share your experiences regarding Google Search.

As always I welcome your connection via Twitter, Facebook or Google Friend.

I hope your day is progressing well-Cheers Kiaran

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