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Saturday, November 7, 2009

So many Online Options -Where to Begin?

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Largely by choice I get an average of 10-15 marketing business opportunities pitched to me DAILY! Why by choice? Well, because I engage on Social Networks such as Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to a dozen or so marketers' opt in boxes, I am pretty primed to be targeted. This does not concern me unduly or else I would vacate these forums-my main reason for putting up with these daily Tweets-Messages etc is that it gives me insight into the marketing methods of a cross section of this community, and serves as an excellent method of researching and learning.

Midst the noise there can be a challenge tuning into any coherent symphony. Sorry for over doing the metaphor! There are so many well pitched and seductive propositions that it's tempting to keep jumping from one great opportunity to the next, but alas with the consequent lack of traction.

It's unlikely any online opportunity of itself is better than any others. Some will succeed as spectacularly as others with access to the same resources will fail.

Initially it is imperative that you tune into a system that you can work. Realistically you will need to find a system that will fit your Budget. You need to make a choice as to whether you take the tortoise or the hare route. Market 1000 $29 ebooks or pursue a higher end program where 3 or 4 sales will create the same profit.

Higher end programs that cost upwards of $3k can seem riskier. The mindset of fear can kick in. Fear of loss. Fear of failure. Fear of commitment. Ironically this can also be a profound ally in your endeavours to succeed. A low cost $29 program requires so little financial commitment that this low level of commitment can permeate motivation and activity. 

Once you've burned a few bridges, spent money you probably can't afford to lose, told everyone that you're quitting your job in 6 months, the desire to make it all actually happen is probably stronger.

Of course its all contextual. A traditional business can involve investment decisions of many hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a mere $3k-$4k would be considered virtually nothing.

The message is that success online or offline is largely a factor of commitment. Commitment takes many forms. emotional, time, energy, financial with some blood sweat and tears along the way. That's why the goal, dream, aspiration has to be large enough to sustain the early stages of frustration.

For what it's worth my #1 program has a 'dip your toe in the ocean' try it out and see if it's for you limited time trial entry for $1. That's NOT a mistake. The challenge will be that the commitment is so little it may not inspire you, but I'd encourage you to click the link and check it out. 

That's it-no big sales pitch as you know I hate Hype and Gloss-Let us know what you think-Cheers Kiaran

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