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Friday, November 20, 2009

To Twitter Or Not To Twitter-That Is The Question

Tweet It!
With apologies to Mr Shakespeare, this really is the contemporary question that online participants are asking daily. There is a real partisan fervor to the debate between the Pro-Twits and the Nay Sayers.

My take on the debate is as follows:

What is your agenda for being on Twitter?-Really, be honest!

  • Is it for the reflected social kudos of accumulating thousands of 'followers'? 
  • Is it to create a data base of thousands that you can pitch (mutually spam) your business opportunity? Is it to share information with friends and colleges?
  • Or is it to simply connect with as many like minded people as possible for mutual inspiration and entertainment?

This question needs to be addressed in order to establish whether or not your strategy is working or simply wasting your time. 

My impression is that if you are following more than 100 people the quality of the connection will be weak. If you are unsure if anyone is listening to you-ask a simple question and see how many respond. My experience is that if you have 2k following you may get one or two replies! wow! Think about it, everyone's pitching and no one's listening.

Here's an absolute gem strategy.

Forget about Automated Messaging. Every couple of days jump on your twitter page and check out a bunch of followers have a look at their websites and pick a dozen or so that seem genuine then Direct Message them with a personalized comment.
"hi John thanks for the connect -I see you're from NY was there last year liked your quote about adversity-Cheers Kiaran from Perth"

This absolutely works at creating real connections. Why? Because virtually no one takes the time to do so. I've done this with people who have 20k followers and got back genuine replies.

As Seth Godin says in his book Tribes-it is almost impossible to directly connect with more than a 1000 people BUT that is all you need to build an empire.

It seems almost old fashioned but the word that comes to mind is AUTHENTIC. Authentic people are more sticky and attract other authentic people whilst cold hard pitchers seem to play the mutual spam game.

If you relate to this Blog why not Twitter me with your thoughts-Cheers Kiaran

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